Heather Heyer’s Death Is Tragic But She Was Not A Hero

Heather Heyer

It isn’t uncommon for our spaces to be filled with “allies”  who come to tell us about how open we should be,  how color-blind they are and/ or how much they care about our plight. A plight that has existed for the better part of five centuries. These conversations, typically, stay within our spaces (where […]

Why White Women, Intersectionality And Black Feminism Don’t Mix


Betty Shelby, a white Tulsa police officer who was responding to a stalled car call on her way to a domestic dispute call, shot and killed Terence Crutcher- an unarmed black man. Her prior history doesn’t show her as an upstanding pillar of the community. In fact, she was/is a weed-smoking, angry, verbally and mentally abusive privileged white […]

Facts: Black Folks Can’t Have Shit


“Shit!” Immediately, that’s what comes to my mind every time I see white media talk about “new shit”. Their “new shit” is just our everyday shit and we seem to be ok with giving it away. I KNOW that some kneegrow or Becky is going to come troll this post talmbout, “Wigs, blonde hair, weaves, chit’lins, […]

White Folks and Fake Black Fear

White folks and black fear are real. This is no secret. Imagine my shock to read about a twelve-years old black boy from Glendale, Ohio that was suspended from St. Gabriel Consolidated School (keep in mind that the Catholic church was a huge player in the African slave trade) for “staring” at a white female student. […]