Why Is Saying “Pussy” Still Taboo But Rape Isn’t?

Pussy- taboo

Is using the word “pussy” still taboo? I’m talking about using it in its proper, trashy context. Of course. Definitely not the violating, rapey way “The Donald” used it. Pussy, in all of its vanglorious salaciousness, has never been a word of class. It’s offensive to many. I think it’s more repugnant to women than […]

Hotep Niggas, Bitter Black Women and Mammies- OH MY!

Hotep, Kemet and all that shit. In the spirit of MLK Day, I thought that this return post was very appropriate. It’s no secret that I love US. However, there’s something burning in my spirit. Certain black folks are making my ass itch. They don’t do anything to uplift us.These individuals are toxic as hell. They […]