What Every Cheater Could Learn From Jay-Z


Jay-Z has been relatively quiet with reference to his “alleged” extramarital affairs. Until now. According to various websites including Bossip.com, Jigga speaks, through his music, about his fear of almost losing his family, his arrogance regarding his disceptive behavior and what Beyonce means to him. He is being accountable for being a fucked up husband […]

Marriage And Infidelity Are Not My Portion But It’s Cool If It’s Yours

infidelity marriage

My marriage was important to me. Operative word “was”. Many of you already know that I decided to, publicly, share the culmination of factors which ended our union. I’ve, openly,  expressed my feelings via my personal Facebook and have had open discussions.  I have been asked if my marriage could have been saved. That answer […]

Negra’s Guide To Being A Better Husband


Being a husband, surely, has its difficulties but it seems the focus is on making black women better wives. There’s a wife school by some foolish chick and then there’s advice from a woman who can’t stay married. All in all, some shit is being neglected and I wouldn’t be a good Samaritan if I […]

I’s Married Nah. My Banal Existence Before I Met My Husband


Day before yesterday, I dropped a very heartfelt post about self-care. For the most part, sisters heard my sentiment loud and clear. One of my boos, Val,  shared the post on her Facebook page and a heated discussion ensued. I am married. It’s no secret. Apparently, a couple of women felt strongly about my post and […]

5 Ways To Keep Your Sanity When You Aren’t Fond Of Your Spouse’s Family

Family- SIde eye

Family. We all have one. Everybody’s family has some varying degree of dysfunction. However, some families are worse than others. Like so fucked up that you should really be ashamed that it’s your family but because you love them or you don’t know any better- you aren’t. We, all, know at least one family who […]

Russell Wilson Proposes To Ciara: Top Five Reasons Why I Am Getting My Eternal Life

Russell Wilson and Ciara are getting married and I could not be happier for them.

Russell Wilson  proposed to Ciara and I am ecstatic about it. If you follow me on Instagram, you KNOW that I vigilantly observe and guard their Instagrams. I think they are adorable. Black love is winning. Needless to say, when I heard about their pending nuptials- there were five things about this proposal that gave […]


Hola mis amores! This is the second installment of my “Summer Love Series”. Miss Negra With Tumbao is gone for the ENTIRE summer so the Mister and I have ample opportunities to reinvent our relationship. Father’s Day Weekend gave me the inspiration to plan a sexy, little getaway for my favorite guy. With the right […]