What Every Cheater Could Learn From Jay-Z


Jay-Z has been relatively quiet with reference to his “alleged” extramarital affairs. Until now. According to various websites including Bossip.com, Jigga speaks, through his music, about his fear of almost losing his family, his arrogance regarding his disceptive behavior and what Beyonce means to him. He is being accountable for being a fucked up husband […]

Delving Into The Mind Of A Narcissist And Why You’ll Never Be A Priority


Priority. It’s a rather underutilized word in the English language. In a world full of people who, only, seem to care about “me” and “my feelings”– we need to begin to critically think about the space we give narcissists in our lives. I, wholeheartedly, believe many people want to do the right thing. That most […]

The Impropriety Of Black Manhood: Men With Mommy Issues

baby hands manhood

Black manhood is often discussed but never quite broken down into terms in which everyone can relate. It, also,  seems accountability and responsibility have become obsolete in many relationships as well as far as men are concerned. While the world has, thoroughly,  examined women and their “Daddy” issues, no thought or attention has been given […]

Marriage And Infidelity Are Not My Portion But It’s Cool If It’s Yours

infidelity marriage

My marriage was important to me. Operative word “was”. Many of you already know that I decided to, publicly, share the culmination of factors which ended our union. I’ve, openly,  expressed my feelings via my personal Facebook and have had open discussions.  I have been asked if my marriage could have been saved. That answer […]

El Final Adios

The Final Goodbye

Final: adjective 1. pertaining to or coming at the end; last in place, order, or time: the final meeting of the year. 2. ultimate: The final goal is world peace. 3.  constituting the end or purpose: a final result. Adios es una palabra final. Not a day has passed since September 25th, that my daughter […]

Brothers Are Loving Each Other But Where’s The Love For Sisters?


Brothers seem quick to hug shit out these days. Whether it’s LeBron, Young Thug, Birdman or Michael B. Jordan- physical affection among young black men is on the rise. That’s not a bad thing. There has been a longstanding stigma associated with masculinity and affection especially when black men are involved. We have all heard it. […]

I’m Low Key Obsessed With Drake. WTF?!


Drake has me open. No, seriously. I have a Drizzy obsession. I’m not bullshitting and light-skinned dudes aren’t my thing. He’s my imaginary boyfriend in my head. Yes, I know that you know that I’m married but there are levels to this shit. He has to be the nicest rapper ever. EVER. He seems like […]

Lemonade: The Black Woman’s Guide To Understanding What You Saw


Lemonade. Ms. Hattie (Jay Z’s 90 years old grandmother and my paternal grandmother’s name) said, “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” Truth. Black women have been making lemonade since the beginning of time. This will be about our history, our resilience, our pain, our anger and our strength. Out of the ashes, the […]

Detroit, Prince and The Power of Blackness

Detroit honoring Prince off of I94

Detroit is the epitome of blackness. Detroit’s blackness transcends anything imaginable. As a native Detroiter (emphasis on native), I’ve watched the resilience of my city through various tragedies and upheavals. Many of those tragedies are generational. Prince’s death is tragic for us but it has united “The Motor City” in ways that no other black icon […]

Love Letter to my Daughter

My daughter is everything to me.

 I was in my prime. I jetted to New York on the weekends from Detroit on a regular basis. The grand diva recklessly blowing loads of cash on designer everything, rental cars, clubs and lavish restaurants. I will NOT front. I LOVED EVERY minute of it. Arrogance and irresponsibility were my best friends. I was drunk […]