Open Letter To My Husband And His Mistress On His Birthday


Happy 43rd Birthday, Babe! I hope you enjoyed your date. You had to have been looking forward to the weekend. I mean your boo got her hair done and shit. Although, she doesn’t quite get her cejas together like I like but we all have something, right? I am sure she’s a great person. She fucks […]

Negra’s Guide To Being A Better Husband


Being a husband, surely, has its difficulties but it seems the focus is on making black women better wives. There’s a wife school by some foolish chick and then there’s advice from a woman who can’t stay married. All in all, some shit is being neglected and I wouldn’t be a good Samaritan if I […]

I’s Married Nah. My Banal Existence Before I Met My Husband


Day before yesterday, I dropped a very heartfelt post about self-care. For the most part, sisters heard my sentiment loud and clear. One of my boos, Val,  shared the post on her Facebook page and a heated discussion ensued. I am married. It’s no secret. Apparently, a couple of women felt strongly about my post and […]