AFROPUNK Highlights Cultural Appropriation On Their Facebook And We Are Not Having It


Below is AFROPUNK’s mission statement. Read it. Then, we’ll get it started. In 2003 Matthew Morgan produced ‘Afro-Punk’, the seminal cult classic documentary spotlighting Black Punks in America written and directed by James Spooner. The focus was giving a voice to thousands of multi-cultural kids fiercely identifying with a lifestyle path-less-traveled. Morgan, a music industry […]

Facebook Keeps Fronting On My Blue Check


I am somebody. My mami and daddy said it. My husband says it. Hell, even Jesse Jackson has said it. Well- not to me, personally, but I believed him when he said it so it still applies. Evidently, Facebook ain’t checkin’ my fresh. Verifications are the new way to confirm your celebrity status or relevance. Negra With […]