Serena Williams Is Getting Married And Armenians Aren’t Black After All

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is getting married. Yaaaaaaaaaaas! And it’s not to Drake or Common. Double yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! She’s marrying Alexis Ohanian, the founder of Reddit. Cha-ching. Well, it’s not like she’s without proper coinage so we know it’s not for the money. That’s not what this is about though and I’m certain they are cute and mushy. Like […]

Why White Women, Intersectionality And Black Feminism Don’t Mix


Betty Shelby, a white Tulsa police officer who was responding to a stalled car call on her way to a domestic dispute call, shot and killed Terence Crutcher- an unarmed black man. Her prior history doesn’t show her as an upstanding pillar of the community. In fact, she was/is a weed-smoking, angry, verbally and mentally abusive privileged white […]

The Best Moments Of The 2016 BET Awards

BET Awards 2016

Helloooooooo Black People! I’m still riding the high of negritude and litness (yes, I know that it’s not a word but it describes last night so perfectly). BET has ALMOST redeemed itself from its reputation of debauchery and fuckery at the expense of good black folks. Last night’s awards were everything that BET promised. They […]

Lemonade: The Black Woman’s Guide To Understanding What You Saw


Lemonade. Ms. Hattie (Jay Z’s 90 years old grandmother and my paternal grandmother’s name) said, “When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” Truth. Black women have been making lemonade since the beginning of time. This will be about our history, our resilience, our pain, our anger and our strength. Out of the ashes, the […]

Beyonce Has Finally Won Me Over With “Formation”

Beyonce has finally won me over. I’ve not been a fan of Bey because I’ve always felt that she was disingenuous. That changed a couple of days ago. Her previous displays of being seemingly shallow and even obtuse annoyed me to no end.  I cringed every time that I heard her speak. It was so, awkwardly, vanilla […]

Hotep Niggas, Bitter Black Women and Mammies- OH MY!

Hotep, Kemet and all that shit. In the spirit of MLK Day, I thought that this return post was very appropriate. It’s no secret that I love US. However, there’s something burning in my spirit. Certain black folks are making my ass itch. They don’t do anything to uplift us.These individuals are toxic as hell. They […]

What The Hell is Going On With Young Black America?

What the hell is going on with young, black America?  Let me specify. RICH, young black America. Y’all have been on one lately. Listen babies…we have rules and shit. You can’t just go giving opinions without consulting with your elders first!  I, really, try to discuss relevant issues that concern us but this needs to […]

White Folks and Fake Black Fear

White folks and black fear are real. This is no secret. Imagine my shock to read about a twelve-years old black boy from Glendale, Ohio that was suspended from St. Gabriel Consolidated School (keep in mind that the Catholic church was a huge player in the African slave trade) for “staring” at a white female student. […]

The Late Eighties to Mid-Nineties was The Flyest Era Ever for Young Black America

The late eighties to mid-nineties was the flyest era ever for young, black America! Yeah, I know I sound like somebody’s Big Mama but I’m so serious. Black folks were at their dopest. Places like Detroit (Waddup doe?), Chicago, Boston, New York, Los Angeles and Miami were, collectively, stepping up their game and repping black […]