#MeToo Victims Weren’t Only Adults: My Apology To 7 Year Old Me


With the victims of sexual abuse and harassment coming forward against Harvey Weinstein, social media has been set ablaze with the hashtag #MeToo. This hashtag brought out confessions from victims all over Twitter and Facebook. Even my own. For the first time, I shared my story yesterday. And I cried.  The tears weren’t for having […]

Delving Into The Mind Of A Narcissist And Why You’ll Never Be A Priority


Priority. It’s a rather underutilized word in the English language. In a world full of people who, only, seem to care about “me” and “my feelings”– we need to begin to critically think about the space we give narcissists in our lives. I, wholeheartedly, believe many people want to do the right thing. That most […]

When A Purge Becomes Larger Than Life

Purge black girl

Purge. A 5-letter, one syllable word which I thought of as my world fell apart around me. I was completely numb. So numb that I could no longer feel the tears run down my cheeks when I reflected on losing my Daddy. I, simply, closed my eyes and they fell. This must be grief. I […]

El Final Adios

The Final Goodbye

Final: adjective 1. pertaining to or coming at the end; last in place, order, or time: the final meeting of the year. 2. ultimate: The final goal is world peace. 3.  constituting the end or purpose: a final result. Adios es una palabra final. Not a day has passed since September 25th, that my daughter […]

Why Is Saying “Pussy” Still Taboo But Rape Isn’t?

Pussy- taboo

Is using the word “pussy” still taboo? I’m talking about using it in its proper, trashy context. Of course. Definitely not the violating, rapey way “The Donald” used it. Pussy, in all of its vanglorious salaciousness, has never been a word of class. It’s offensive to many. I think it’s more repugnant to women than […]

The Best And The Worst Weekend Of My Life At The Same Damn Time


The weekend of September of 23rd has forever changed me. I published my very first article on Very Smart Brothas and it was well-received. Who knew that the topic would  directly affect me in less than 48 hours? After writing for other people and stifling my writing voice, I started my own blog site in early 2015 […]

Happy Fourth of July But Before You Eat Those Ribs, Think About Your Freedom


When we think of America, there are certain words of which many people think. Freedom. Democracy. Justice. Peace. For some of her citizens, these words have become elusive reminders that this nation still has her work cut out for her. While we are playing spades and dominoes, somebody will die at the hands of the […]

The Tragic Insignificance Of Gay Life

Eddie Justice- one of the victims at Pulse. The last moments of hs life were spent texting his mother.

Saturday nights are typically filled with folly, laughter and joy. People living life to the fullest with the ones whom they love. Saturday night at Pulse wasn’t supposed to be any different. That all changed at 2 am. I am not going to get into the particulars of what happened. We all know. We’ve seen […]

An Open Letter To My Bra And Panties

Open letter to my bra and panties- Courtesy of Cacique

This is an open letter to my bra and panties. I thought since Alicia Keys could write a letter bidding makeup a farewell and it be considered “revolutionary” than these constrictive ass underwear could kick rocks as well. I know there’s a sister out there with her fist in the air sitting in the living […]

The Bougie Black Girl’s Guide To Cooking

Hello friends. I have just discovered that I’m a bougie (bourgeois for my educated fam) black girl as it relates to cooking. Food has been a major topic in these Facebook streets as of late. I won’t even touch on the salt vs. sugar debate for grits. Y’all have worn that out. However, I have some […]