Erica Garner Is A Fucking G

Erica Garner

Erica Garner is a MUTHAFUCKING G! She is the epitome of every black woman in this struggle for justice. We’ve watched her publicly grieve the death of her father, Eric Garner, who was murdered by Staten Island cop-Daniel Pantaleo in July 2014. And through her grief, she still fights for justice. The media has attempted […]

You Can Give Us Barbecue And Ice Cream But We Still Ain’t Cool

ice cream

There seems to be a new faux initiative that’s taking place within various cities. Police departments are giving the coloreds barbecue and ice cream as a way to build “better relationships” with the community. Because why? It’s summertime, hot and niggas love pork and dairy products. Apparently. I guess that’s how we build trust against […]

Korryn Gaines Was Assassinated By The Police. Period.

korryn gaines

The Paddy Patrol strikes again.  This time a young, black 23- year old mother, Korryn Gaines, was executed by white thugs while holding her five-year old son. He was, later, shot as well. Thankfully, he will survive. His beautiful mother wasn’t so lucky. What could call for her murder you ask?  A bench warrant for traffic […]

Taylor Swift And Delicate White Women Syndrome

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, America’s sweetheart, is the fucking devil. She’s the reincarnation of antebellum white women from the South. Delicately sipping mint juleps, speaking in soft whispers and batting her evil blue eyes- the “epitome” of Miss American Pie has the masses fooled. So let’s rewind. Kanye REALLY did “make that bitch famous.” It was the 2009 MTV […]

Black Folks’ Comprehensive Guide Of Amerikkka, The Police And Law Enforcement

Police brutality

I am emotionally and physically spent. I am enraged and outraged by this country’s blatant disregard for her black citizens. I am equally appalled by the barbarism perpetrated by various police forces around the nation. However, I am not surprised nor disheartened. These agencies have been in place for hundreds of years to “uphold the […]

Racist or Indifferent And Why I’m Content With Being in Black-Only Spaces


Being content with moving in black-only spaces, does not make me a racist. In fact, since I spend a lot of my time focusing on the struggles of the collective African diaspora. Who has time to worry about other folks’ problems? Yes, I feel completely comfortable saying that you need to take care of your own shit. Black […]

Knowing Your Rights Does Not Guarantee The Privilege of Life… Unless

Sandra Bland's rights were violated.

 The underlying consensus in this country seems to be if ANY person knows their Constitutional Rights,  he or she has nothing to fear when police interaction is involved. Clearly, that’s BULLSHIT. We have seen for at least one century that this privilege only exists for certain people. The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution is […]