President Obama Takes A Final Dump On Cubans On His Way Out The Door


Cubans have been given special exemptions for asylum since November 2, 1966 by the United States government with the enactment of the Cuban Adjustment Act. Essentially, this law allowed any Cuban citizen to become a permanent resident after a year of being in the United States. Now, I would sound like a complete numbskull if I […]

Five Random Post-Election Thoughts


Donald Trump is the next president of the United States. I should probably put some “respeck on his name” but my inner negro will not allow that. It’s cool. I’ve held on to these thoughts save my private Facebook page but I’ve finally decided to share these random ass post-election ramblings. 5. Martha Stewart and […]

The 2016 Presidential Election Is The Ultimate Bullshit And It’s All Your Fault


The 2016 Presidential Election will be a clusterfuck. Donald Trump is a non-fucking factor for me. Voting for him is like voting for Charlie Brown. It just doesn’t make sense. However, let’s talk about what I’m hearing from many people with regard to the upcoming election. Hillary has clearly become the democratic party nominee for […]