Nobody Loves A Fat Chick And Why Gabourey Sibide’s Clapback Was Epic

Gabourey Sibide slays the red carpet

Apparently, the fat chick can’t get any love. Let’s rephrase that… The fat chick SHOULDN’T get any love. This appears to be the sentiment after last Wednesday’s episode of “Empire” where Becky (portrayed by Gabourey Sibide) gets it in with a chocolate hottie before she has to go to work. I was giddy watching two chocolate […]

Ciara and Russell Wilson: Misogynoir and P.N.S.

Much of what I express in this sacred space is very personal for me. I, usually, don’t preface my posts before I write them but for this post, in particular,- the insight is needed. I am an infatuate of all things noir. Black power, black love, black soap, black men, black women, black children…the list […]

Love Letter to my Daughter

My daughter is everything to me.

 I was in my prime. I jetted to New York on the weekends from Detroit on a regular basis. The grand diva recklessly blowing loads of cash on designer everything, rental cars, clubs and lavish restaurants. I will NOT front. I LOVED EVERY minute of it. Arrogance and irresponsibility were my best friends. I was drunk […]


Hola mis amores! This is the second installment of my “Summer Love Series”. Miss Negra With Tumbao is gone for the ENTIRE summer so the Mister and I have ample opportunities to reinvent our relationship. Father’s Day Weekend gave me the inspiration to plan a sexy, little getaway for my favorite guy. With the right […]

Summer Love Series: Date Night Ideas for Couples

black-couple date

Date nights are easy to do. I am a sucker for love and romance. Me encanta el sentimiento de estar enamorada. The key to keeping relationships and marriages fresh and new is to get OUT OF THE HOUSE! Your outings don’t have to be lavish and expensive. It’s easy to find great date destinations for […]

The Wedding of Your Dreams for less than $1000/ La Boda de Tus Sueños por menos de $1000

Hola mi gente!! It’s been very busy for me these past few weeks but I’m back and serving up the latest life’s tea. As you may already know, I love beautiful, lavish things. Life is about making the most of what you have and sometimes what we have- isn’t that much. When it comes to […]

Amor Sin Límites


“You’re rulin’ the way that I move and I breathe your air. You, only, can rescue me. This is my prayer. If you were mine…if you were mine, I wouldn’t want to go to heaven…” THAT verse is EVERYTHING to me. Hace casi 14 años que conocí al amor de mi vida y tengo que […]