How Many More R. Kelly Stories Do You Really Need To Finally Believe?

R. Kelly

R. Kelly is a fucking monster. PERIOD. I was going to write a long ass thinkpiece about how trifling many of y’all, who’ve continued to support this vile piece of shit ass negro, are.  And then I thought better because I had been there and done that. Also, I have grown weary of hearing you […]

Open Letter To My Husband And His Mistress On His Birthday


Happy 43rd Birthday, Babe! I hope you enjoyed your date. You had to have been looking forward to the weekend. I mean your boo got her hair done and shit. Although, she doesn’t quite get her cejas together like I like but we all have something, right? I am sure she’s a great person. She fucks […]

Fuckboy Chronicles: Umar Johnson- The Greatest Nigga Of All Niggas

Umar Johnson

Umar Johnson, the self-proclaimed doctor, Prince of the Pan-African movement and resident hotep fuckboy is mad. That nigga is BIG MAD and he took to these here innanetz to tell the good people about it. Now you know a nigga had to be fuming.  He made a video in a hotel room in Jacksonville, Florida  (because fuck […]

Fuckboy Chronicles: I, Officially, Can’t With Kanye Anymore


Kanye has officially lost his shit and as the unofficial spokesperson for the black delegation, I can’t any longer.  Yeezy has been on one for a minute and I’ve dismissed his ego-fueled rants as creative genius because he makes good music. Well, he used to. He’s also from Chicago which is like a sister city to Detroit. It’s […]

Fuckboy Chronicles: Niggas Can’t Control Themselves Over A Teacher


A 4th grade teacher in Atlanta wore a cute pink dress and suede heels to school. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, right? It isn’t unless you’re fly and built like a shit brickhouse. Patrice Brown has  become a thing because niggas act like they can’t control themselves because a pretty woman is teaching children. […]

Fuckboy Chronicles: Wedding Of Her Dreams

Fuckboy wedding

Happy Friday, family! Love is in the air and folks are getting married. Who doesn’t love a fantastic wedding, right? There is an epidemic that’s spreading like the collection plate at church on first Sunday. *in my Whodini voice* “Fuckboy…. how many of us know one?” In my old age, my patience has gone the […]