Everybody Wants To Be A Bruja But They Ain’t Really Bout That Life


*EDIT 5/18/2017* As much as I appreciate the tons of emails from everyone, I’m not here to determine or tell anyone what THEIR spiritual path is. This was personal for me. I don’t give readings to people with no direct attachment to me. It’s how I keep my family safe and my own well-being protected. […]

The Importance Of Seeing Our Gods Mainstream And Why Beyonce Is Everything

Beyonce Gods

Our Gods have been our sources of life and strength and not in the “follow me or you will go to hell”  type rhetoric. Our Gods allow us to touch and connect with them directly via the rivers, oceans, the earth, fire and even wind. They also allow us to connect with ourselves. As a Lucumisa, […]

Why Adam Selah Doesn’t Need Our Help

Adam Selah

Adam Selah had a bad day. He, apparently, was kicked off a Delta Airline flight after speaking in Arabic to his mother before takeoff. And as he recorded how he was on the verge of tears and that he was being ejected for “speaking another language”.  Dude can’t be ambiguous. I haven’t been kicked off a plane […]

AFROPUNK Highlights Cultural Appropriation On Their Facebook And We Are Not Having It


Below is AFROPUNK’s mission statement. Read it. Then, we’ll get it started. In 2003 Matthew Morgan produced ‘Afro-Punk’, the seminal cult classic documentary spotlighting Black Punks in America written and directed by James Spooner. The focus was giving a voice to thousands of multi-cultural kids fiercely identifying with a lifestyle path-less-traveled. Morgan, a music industry […]

You Can Give Us Barbecue And Ice Cream But We Still Ain’t Cool

ice cream

There seems to be a new faux initiative that’s taking place within various cities. Police departments are giving the coloreds barbecue and ice cream as a way to build “better relationships” with the community. Because why? It’s summertime, hot and niggas love pork and dairy products. Apparently. I guess that’s how we build trust against […]

Bianca Dawkins: The Reality of Black Consumerism

biancadawkins- black consumerism

Bianca Dawkins visited a salon to have her natural hair done. A white salon no less. Cool. Consumerism dictates that she can spend her money wherever she likes. Stupid ass stylist made a comment to the effects of “taming her bush”. *Giggity*   She got mad. Yes, it was offensive and racist and according to the owner […]

“Roots” Is A Must See For All Black Folks


“Roots” is everything that I thought it would be. It is painful, instills pride, has many teaching moments and triggers. I was 3 years old when the original “Roots” aired on ABC in 1977. I have never watched that version but I do remember my daddy talking about it. I’m not sure why I’ve never been […]

Unpacking Colorism and Privilege For Real


Colorism:  Prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group. Definition taken from the Oxford Dictionary. So last week I wrote a piece about colorism and lightskinned privilege (which does not exist) and I received very visceral (coming from strong emotions and not from […]

Lightskinned Privilege Is Just Another Fucking Line Of Separation That We Just Don’t Need

Lightskinned or darkskinned

“Lightskinned privilege” and “lightskinned tears” are terms which are floating around these days in Twitterverse and Facebook. I have seen many folks, who claim that they are here to help our community, throw it around with fervor and people are taking the bait. This post has been a long time coming and is based on an interaction with […]

Five Thot Songs For The Married Sisters

Songs are sexy

Married sisters are often resigned to granny panties and housecoats after the kids are born. I’m here to tell you that there’s another life when the babies go to bed. Certain songs bring out my inner thot (keep in mind words like thot, hoe, slut, skeezer.. don’t bother me. I eat those shits for breakfast. I’m […]