Five Fab Products For Every Natural Hair Type

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Natural hair products yield millions of dollars annually. With the vast array of natural hair types, it is easy to get bombarded with products for every natural hair type in your household. My daughter and I have 2 different hair textures. Mine is primarily 4a with some 3c strands and baby girl is primarily 4b […]

Hey Black Girl- Banana Powder Is Not Your Friend!

Banana powder seems to be the rage these days with makeup fanatics of every race and color. Especially black girls. Youtube offers an abundance of videos detailing Kim Kardashian’s highlighting and contouring regimen including Ben Nye’s Luxury Powder in “Banana”. I have news for everybody. BANANA POWDER IS NOT YOUR FRIEND, BOO. Listen,  Ben Nye makeup has […]

Natural Hair Politics: When Nappy Still Isn’t Good Enough

Black women all over the country are embracing natural hair. That’s awesome! I was rocking natural hair before it was  a trend so I’m pretty geeked about that. I relaxed my hair for all of five years from the ages of 14-19. I am 41 now. You do the math. I have been in the […]

Braids Are The Devil

Boxed Braids- Courtesy of Pinterest

Braids are the devil, y’all! They look great, are versatile and make a great protective style. Sisters will rave about how awesome braids are but they NEVER mention the dark side of this braid life. Yaaaaaaas, you can experiment with color, texture, and length. That’s the beauty of having braids. However, Braid Warriors DO NOT […]

Taking Care of Me First And What That Really Means

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Taking care of me is something that I had forgotten how to do. I am a wife and mother and I’m extremely proud to hold those titles. However, I was someone before I became Mrs. Negra With Tumbao and Mami With Tumbao. I was jazzy and extravagant. I took time to enjoy life and to […]

Natural Hair and the Aveda Institute: My Beauty Experience

Having natural hair and finding a stylist in whom you trust can be challenging. During the hot summer months, the option for wearing straight hair can also be a hot mess so there’s really no need to invest a ton of money in getting your hair done. However, I knew that it was time to […]

Beauty Review- Beautiful Textures Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner and Tangle Taming Moisturizing Shampoo

Yo soy una esclava a productos de cabello natural. I have a problem. Seriously, tengo un problema! On one of my many outings to Sally’s Beauty Supply, I came across a BOGO deal for Beautiful Textures products. Enthusiastically, I scanned the shelves, reading about each and every product the line offered. I am always giddy when […]

Sex In A Bottle: Yves Saint Laurent’s Manifesto

Mi hermano espiritual me regalaba una botella de un perfume divino. “Manifesto” by Yves St. Laurent embodies EVERY beautiful aspect of sex. This post will probably be a little risqué pero that’s to be expected with this scent. Manifesto isn’t a new scent by any stretch of the imagination. It was released in August of […]

Beauty Review: Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Products

Hola lindas!! Today’s post is for my naturalistas with the 3c/4a/4b/4c hair types. I have 3c/4a hair texture and I am always experimenting with various products to ensure that my natural styles are ALWAYS serving “sista girl realness”. I am a huge fan of the Shea Moisture product line. I was excited when I found […]

La Negra Con Bembas

Angelina Jolie and Kylie Jenner are the new inspirations for pretty kissers around the world. The search for full, luscious bembas (big full lips In Cuban slang) have resulted in much publicized fuckery on the internet. Videos of seemingly “normal teens and young adults enhancing their mouthpieces in some tragically hilarious ways. The end results range […]