Why #FiercelyLatina Continues To Reinforce The Anti-Blackness Among Latinas


Yesterday, Gina Rodriguez and America Ferrera hosted the “Fiercely Latina” power lunch in Hollywood. It was a star-studded shindig meant to celebrate “strong Latina women in the entertainment industry”. Latinas coming together to honor one another should have been something of which we all could be proud of except there was one glaring omission.

There was not ONE black latina in sight. And please spare me with the “Rosario Dawson is an afrolatina”. It’s a stretch at best. Her father is white and her mother is mixed. Lo siento pero “issanoformedawg”.

To be completely honest, I’m not necessarily feeling left out as I don’t align myself “con mi gente”. However, this can’t be ignored and I doubt anybody else is going to write a thinkpiece on how anti-black this luncheon was. And the “do better” schtick is getting pretty old.  Black caribeños and black latinos from other countries shouldn’t have to constantly beg to be acknowledged.

Ironically, the majority of the latinas at this luncheon were of Puerto Rican descent. A country with such a rich AFRICAN heritage AND NOT ONE OF THESE WOMEN thought anything was wrong with that whitewashed picture.

Maybe the black latinas were busy or the invitation got lost in the mail. Quien sabe? What I DO know is that there were a ton of black latinas who were more than qualified to be at the table with these women. Dare I say- better qualified to be there?

Negras como Lala Vasquez, Tatyana Ali, Gina Torres, Dascha Polanco, Amara “La Negra”, Renée Elise Goldsberry, and  Melissa De Souza should have been included but apparently latinas only matter when they are “brown” and not BLACK.

Or maybe the consensus was we’re only good enough to serve food and not fierceness and “negrura” only matters when latinas are dancing to music derived from Africans como salsa, rumba, merengue or cumbia.

Whatever the reason for the slight, we see you looking and acting just like your WASP counterparts. But the gag is- because of your continued dismissal and refusal to embrace the black folks in your respective countries, Trump, only, seems to target folks who look like you when he is deporting folks.

Even after you voted for him.

So just remember the next time that you’re looking for solidarity from “latinas unidas” … you all chose to leave the negras in the kitchen instead of making room for us to eat too. And we don’t see you either.



K. Araújo, a native Detroiter, is a cross between Claire Huxtable, Rosie Pérez and Millie Jackson. Widow, professional dragger of filth and Mami to the dopest Ethiopian EVER, she is the Editor in Chief of “Negra With Tumbao” and a Staff Writer for “The Urban Twist”. Keka has been known to shake what her mama gave her, is the hell and high water, an expert salsera and cussologist with a penchant for the finer things in life and is and forever shall be- unapologetically black.

  • cysinblack

    Dawson stateside and most elsewhere will be seen solely as a black woman. She does blend into the paleness of this group photo though.

    • Actually, she’s not seen as black… ppl say it because she’s put herself in that bucket and honestly Latinos use that to get in black spaces.. it’s the same thing that gets MC her questionable ass black card.

      • cysinblack

        Can’t speak from a Latino perspective. But she looks like a pretty light skin black-brown girl to me.

        • Joel Sebagala

          How can we pick and choose and exclude someone who identifies as black? And at the same time criticize someone like Waka Flocka who’s also black but who says that he isn’t?

        • Flip the scenario.. does being a quarter white get to put a black person in the white bucket? HELL NO.

          • Joel Sebagala

            Of course not. But Dawson is Puerto Rican and Cuban, both places can be traced back to African ancestry. A lot of people from those areas are criticized for not embracing their African roots, saying things like “I’m not black I’m Dominican” etc. I don’t see how it’s productive to reject someone who actually embraces their roots. Especially if we’re trying to promote unity.

          • Joel..I’M CUBAN.. My roots don;t trace back anywhere.. I am a living and breathing testament to Africa being in this hemisphere.. from my blood (Congo,Yoruba, Ashanti and Fon) to my faith. I don ‘t see how it’s productive to replace black people like me with folks with “some” black ancestry… Naw.. We aren’t doing that.

          • Joel Sebagala

            I don’t understand your point. You’re Cuban and you consider yourself black, yes? Dawson is Cuban and considers herself black, yes? So what’s the difference…

          • My point is .. Dawson’s father is WHITE and her mother is Half Black.. That’s a quarter black.. 75% something else.. How does that qualify as being black? And mind you it’s never the reverse.. It’s ALWAYS black folks telling folks who aren’t blck that they are.. Rachel Dolezal said she was black too.. ya know..

            Also..I have 2 BLACK parents… 4 black grands…what do you mean- what’s the difference?

          • Joel Sebagala

            So like more than 50% then? I get where you’re coming from. But I’ll just agree to disagree. Many of the black pioneers that we’ve had in this country would not be considered black by these standards. I personally tend to go by the one drop rule.

          • Joel Sebagala

            Furthermore, what’s the cutoff? Do you have to be 75% African to be considered black? 45%? Are we going by skin shade? Since there are some people who may be less “African” but have a darker shade and therefore may have experienced more of the black experience growing up…

          • Hell yes there is a cut off.. A white man had a DNA test that said he was 14% SubSaharan African.. Is he now black?

          • coco

            You look mixed. So people who aren’t 100% black do not fall into the diaspora of Afro-Caribbean? I’m 19% African, 16% Native American, 60% Southern European (31% of it derives from the Iberian peninsula), 1% Askenazi Jew, 1% British/Irish, 1% Middle Eastern, 2% Southeast Asian. In no way do I look white and my ancestors are from Puerto Rico. I’m proud of my heritage,and my culture. I celebrate and embrace all aspects of it. Furthermore, growing up in Jersey in the 70s, I received plenty of my harassment for the color of my skin. I don’t think it can be narrowed down to a certain percent, but how it’s perceived and accepted by the individual.

          • Gregory Johnson

            You hit the ball over the fence and I cannot run and jump fast and high to negate what you just said. Truth is truth. My 48% Scandi Euro blood does not get me into the caucasian club.

      • Marc

        I dunno here. It seems to me that rap / hip-hop gave MC her Black card. Whitney always spoke highly of her. After ODB was on that track, that was pretty much a wrap. I could be wrong but I think MC is firmly and decidedly “in”. Why do you find it to be questionable, Sis?

        • Toni Morrison called Bill Clinton, “the first black President”… doesn’t make it so… MC is a quarter black.

          • Love Heals

            True. She’s a literary giant, but still a fallible human being. Furthermore, what’s sad is it wasn’t until recently I heard her explain that what she meant was that they were treating him the way they typically Black folks-the vilification, etc. Unfortunately between the sax playing on Arsenio and that quote we gave him a pass and he ultimately betrayed us.

  • Rewind4ThatBehind

    Doesn’t matter what ethnicity we view, tone deaf is a language they all speak.

  • Lisa Slade

    I just fell in love with this author #loveher

  • Angie Moree

    Somehow i follow you on IG. Never seen ur blog. Love it!

  • cremita

    She just rocked this shit

  • coco

    I’m Puerto Rican, and I’m a mixture of 60% Southern European, 1% Askenazi Jew, 1% British/Irish, 1% Middle Eastern, 2% Southeast Asian, 16% Native American, 2% North African, and 17% West African, and I have two DNA tests to prove it. I’m brown, and my sister’s white. The same rich heritage runs through her veins. She’s as negra as I am, and she has the ass to prove it. I along with many other of my PR brothers and sisters embrace our rich heritage. I lived in PR for 17 years, and for the most part, PRs don’t give a flying sh*t about skin color. They interacially marry and procreate more beautiful mixed babies. The beauty of being PR is more than skin deep. We are unified by a richly woven culture, not our skin color. Yo soy Boricua!!!! Pa que tu lo sepas!!!! ✊🇵🇷✊

    • Boo… you’re white…. Get that anti-Black bullshit out of here. Telling folks about your ass means nothing.

      And to bring that “we don’t see color shit” HERE IS WACK!

      Tell that to la gente negra en Loiza who get treated like third class citizens by WHITE PUERTO RICANS.

      Without fail.. it’s always a white person talking we don’t go by skin color.

      • coco

        This is absolutely risible. . Back in the day, they would have stuck my ass right along with yours out in the fields or in the big house based on the color of our skin alone. You’re living proof that black comes in many shades. You’re not even remotely close to the black slaves that were kidnapped from the West coast of Africa and sold here as slaves. Nonetheless, you want to claim that you’re blacker than black. When blacks would categorize you as being high yella…mixed just like me and many other Afro Caribbeaners. You need to open your eyes, Boo, and see your color and mestizaje. Trust me I’m not white, and I’ve never fallen into the category not even when I lived in Jersey in the 70s. The white kids would use every pejorative term they could think of from N!gg@r to spic. The most memorable being, ” run through the cotton field n!gg@r. We’re going to get you with the pitch fork. You don’t get to decide who is black or not. You’re as mestiza as many of us are from the Caribbean.

    • Love Heals

      I love that you & your sis have the experience of being/feeling Black and celebrating that. A number of P.R folks I know perhaps not as light as or sis as well as the White-skinned with the Africana body say and do Everything to ensure they are NEVER viewed as Black. Married to/dating only Whites (Latino & Non Latino). Not to mention those who claim only “Indian” ((Indigenous) & Spanish blood.A willfull blindness to their African blood. I will admit that Black folks even on the continent have been raised to be anti-Black. The Afrodescendiente PR and other Latinx who are are proud of their Blackness rock cos I get soooo offended and irritated by the erasure of your existence on Telemundo, Univision, Latin American Music Awards, etc. The muscial thing really galls me cos as a Continental African woman, I clearly hear Africa in the music where the palest of Latinos get to be best known, richest in music and dance that are really familiar to an African sensisibility.

  • Michelle Terrell


  • Calvin

    Not only was a darker-skinned Latina or 3 missing, but even someone like Judy Reyes: light skinned, freckled, and proudly black.
    I’m thinking Rosario Dawson was included cuz she doesn’t identify as black, and she has a white man.

  • deschl

    Fuck that Bernie supporting gave us Trump Rosario bitch

  • Sweet Dolls

    #FiercelyLatina needs to wake up and smell the coffee. And they will when someone Caucasian tells them they’re not.

  • Renee Elise Goldsberry is Latina? I had no idea. I will forever love her because of One Life to Live. Evangeline Williamson was as fierce as they come in a courtroom.

    And your last line slayed me.