Five Fab Products For Every Natural Hair Type

natural hair

Natural hair products yield millions of dollars annually. With the vast array of natural hair types, it is easy to get bombarded with products for every natural hair type in your household. My daughter and I have 2 different hair textures. Mine is primarily 4a with some 3c strands and baby girl is primarily 4b with a few 4a strands- primarily in the front. Of course the desire for healthy hair is a given but with our different hair needs, I had to find products which worked for both of us without breaking the bank. Here are my faves:

For Hydration and Moisturizing

As I Am– DoubleButter Cream Rich Daily Moisturizing

Natural Hair- As I Am DoubleButter Cream

As I Am’s DoubleButter Cream is what dry hair NEEDS and typically 4b and 4c hair types can be extremely dry. It’s a creme-based product with hair growing oils like castor oil and it’s just light enough where it doesn’t weigh 3c and 4a hair types down. Dope enough to use for bantu knots and twist outs without adding gel.

*Note* Section thicker hair for full absorption and brush through.

For Styling And Taming Natural Hair

The Denman Brush

denman-brush-1 natural hair

This brush is EVERYTHING. It defines coils and curls, detangles, distributes products and most of all- the Denman Brush gets your buns and ponytails nice and tight.

*Not that we are stressing our edges, right?*

Shampoo and Conditioner

Boe Crece Pelo Natural Phitoterapeutic Shampoo and Conditioner

crece pelo natural hair

Bueno, mi gente! I would be remiss if I didn’t put my girls on to my favorite Dominican products. Crece Pelo which literally means “Grow Hair” is MY ABSOLUTE favorite shampoo and conditioner. It softens, adds shine and creates a slip for that ass. Crece Pelo is plant-based so it provides all of the nutrients to maintain and grow healthy, strong hair. This combo is bomb for naturals who straighten their hair as well.

AND it smells good.

Pre Poo (Added Before You Shampoo The Hair)

Inspire PrePoo By Made Beautiful

inspire-pre-poo-natural hair

I’m all about moisture to ensure healthy, amazing hair. I, always, use a prepoo before I wash our hair. A prepoo coats and protects the hair before you wash and it helps to keep the hair detangled  during the shampooing process. By Made Beautiful is a black- owned product line that has a wide variety of products for our hair.

Each product comes with a cute little guide on the side of the product that which indicates what the product does and for which hair type it’s suitable.

This is a comprehensive list for your natural hair tool kit but it wouldn’t be complete without styling products.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any ONE styling product all naturals can use. So these are great styling products according to hair type.


For 3b/3C Sisters- Eden BodyWorks Natural Curl Defining Creme

This is a great product for defining soft curls. It also minimizes frizz. Use sparingly though. We want carefree curls not a Care Free Curl. *I can’t believe they still sell jheri curl products*

4a Chicas Will Love Cantu’s Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream

So per Lisa’s recommendation ( we have different hair types), I bought this to try on my niece’s hair. She recommended this for 4c hair types. Although she’s convinced that she has 4c hair, these innanetz ain’t agreeing.

Because I’m nosy, I thought that I would try it. I washed and conditioned my hair and CHIIIIILE!!! My curls stayed defined ALL DAY AND IT DIDN’T DRY HEAVY. I did brush the product through my hair with a Denman brush though.

I’m totally jacking this from the 4c sisters and gifting it to my 4a comrades. You will thank me for it!

4b/4c Babies. You Need By Made Beautiful’s Inspire Manageability Milk Styling Lotion

This styling lotion moisturizes wonderfully while detangling easily which is important when styling these hair types. You will need more than a dollop but the way this product performs is impressive. It is also great for kids.

Try out these products and let me know what you think!





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