The Homegoing of Ricky Harris: Niggas Gonna Nig

Ricky Harris

I had the pleasure of meeting Ricky Harris in 1995 at Western Michigan University where he was performing with the late Yvette Wilson at Bronco Stadium. He was cool as hell AND fine! At the end of the show, they let folks on stage to freestyle while the dj dropped various instrumentals. Of course, I had to drop a hot 16 to Special Ed’s “I Got It Made”. In fact, I think I snatched the mic out of his hand TO DROP THAT hot 16. I had no home training but “I got John Blaze shit!” and so my 45 second rap career was one for the record books. Grand opening. Grand closing.

Ricky Harris looked at me and said, “I would say something about you snatching that mic out my hand but you look like you’d kick my ass… You cute though!”

Everybody roared with laughter. I was embarrassed but I’m cute though. Damn, Ricky.

“Pretty Ricky what dey call him!”

He died December 26, 2016 from a heart attack. Fuck you Twenty sixteen! I needed to get that out.

Needless to say arrangements were made and his funeral was held on January 3rd. His homegoing was lit with B-list black celebrities like Sherri Shepherd and Mark Curry. More like G-list. No shade.

Ricky Harris

Folks accoutered in their finest robes via The Compton Swapmeet, wide brim church hats, the richest of cotton bandanas and Dickey’s were abundant. And so were the niggas. The who? The niggas. Oh them. Now, we have heard of niggas fighting at funerals but I ain’t NEVER seen a video of the negroes’ in all of their licentiousness.

Ricky Harris’ cousin punched Snoop Dogg in the face. FULL PAUSE. Yes, that happened.

Many people may not know that Snoop and Ricky grew up together in Long Beach. In fact, they sang in the church choir together as kids (Why that is hilarious to me, I do not know but it is, ok?) .

I need to know what happened.

How does one prompt a fight at a funeral INSIDE OF A CHURCH? What could have happened on that day to make a nigga punch Snoop in the face? I have a theory or two.

Maybe, Snoop told Martha Stewart to cook for the repast and the cousin’s mama wanted to do it. I mean I get it. Not really. Nobody wants saged fried chicken with pork cracklin risotto on paper plates.

Or maybe Martha rolled up to the church with some bammer. Niggas don’t play when it comes to their weed. Snoop brought her in. He had to take the lumps.

Ricky Harris

But of all the times to nigga, a funeral should not be one.

Apparently, Snoop’s bodyguards niggaed right back and laid those anointed hands on some clown cussing and screaming in the streets OUTSIDE THE CHURCH on video. Just disrespectful.

I don’t know which is worse the fool, who stole on Snoop, or Martha’s dill with Spam chunked potato salad in the church basement.

I do know one thing. We have got to do better but we all know that one nigga who’s gonna nig.

Rest Easy, Ricky.







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