Fuckboy Chronicles: Niggas Can’t Control Themselves Over A Teacher


A 4th grade teacher in Atlanta wore a cute pink dress and suede heels to school. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, right? It isn’t unless you’re fly and built like a shit brickhouse. Patrice Brown has  become a thing because niggas act like they can’t control themselves because a pretty woman is teaching children. Respectability politics is rearing its ugly head again.

God forbid black men and boys be held accountable for their penile functions at the sight of a beautiful sister. A teacher can’t even do her job because SHE’S a “distraction”. And some black women aren’t helping by inserting their ridiculous ass opinions. The teacher’s beauty isn’t the issue. This is a degreed individual. It’s your simple-minded parenting style. Let’s be real. Half the “brothers” who are popping off at the mouth have most likely NEVER seen the inside of their child/children’s school.  STFU. A woman has to come into a place to educate your raggedy, heathens and be subjected to prepubescent boys’ lack of hometraining.



Teacher, Patrice Brown is turning heads. Photo courtesy of Instagram
Teacher, Patrice Brown is turning heads. Photo courtesy of Instagram

My 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Tim, was from Texas and every day she wore pencil skirts and heels. She had the world’s most perfect ass. I’m talking rivaling Michelle Obama’s ass. This was 1985. Teachers have always worn heels, dresses, and fitted pants. It’s nothing new. Get over yourselves. The message here is no matter what a man does.. it’s the woman’s fault. I watched women cosign this fuckery.

We do way too much. Worry about smoking weed around your children. Worry about those ill-mannered bastards not knowing how to read full sentences. STOP worrying about their teacher’s clothes. Stop raising future rapists, abusers and fuck ups.

I’m sure if you ask Patrice Brown’s students if they love her, they will sing her praises. The irony of this situation is if she looked a mess, IT WOULD STILL BE A PROBLEM. Is it really sensible to ask if the onus falls on the women to be “presentable” even when SHE IS dressed appropriately?

Fuckboys need to hurry up and grow up already. Y’all are pathetic.




K. Araújo, a native Detroiter, is a cross between Claire Huxtable, Rosie Pérez and Millie Jackson. Widow, professional dragger of filth and Mami to the dopest Ethiopian EVER, she is the Editor in Chief of “Negra With Tumbao” and a Staff Writer for “The Urban Twist”. Keka has been known to shake what her mama gave her, is the hell and high water, an expert salsera and cussologist with a penchant for the finer things in life and is and forever shall be- unapologetically black.

  • LaMonica Williams

    “The only ones complaining is insecure Mama’s pissed her man is anxious for Parent Teacher conference , and men who resent not being able to have her. If she can do her job .. Folks need to stop putting there insecurities on her and have a fucking seat!

  • JoJo

    She looks nice; however she needs to understand the classroom is not a place for distractions
    . If I had been her administrator, I would have asked her to change into something more appropriate. This is one if the reasons teaching does not get the same respect as other professionals. I am sorry, but she was out of line. Ok blast me for my remarks.

    • RaShaun Austin Whetstone

      You just CHOSE not to read a single sentence in this article, didn’t you?

    • RaShaun Austin Whetstone

      I want you to articulate what is inappropriate about her dress, and I want you to explain WHY it’s inappropriate? Do you think male teachers should wear jackets over their dress shirts to cover up to big, broad, masculine shoulders (cuz ya know, some girls like that), or are we finally ready to admit that we CHOOSE to only see a woman’s body as a sexual object?

    • I agree with RaShaun.. Side note, you being a former administrator should know that teachers getting the bad rap now’s because of those individuals don’t want to nurture and shape the youth… they want a JOB not to teach youth or help they want JOBS, and want Income……… any who i’m waiting for your response the popcorn is Popping.

    • I love you, Auntie..but she isn’t distracting. In fourth grade, kids do as they are told and and she isn’t seducing lil boys…. I would never blast you… AND NOBODY HERE WILL. <3 YOU!

      • RaShaun Austin Whetstone

        Sorry if I came off a little brash. Didn’t mean to disrespect your aunt.

        • wonder

          As long as you were respectful in your comments of her as a human, which you were, It being her aunt doesn’t and shouldn’t change your response.

    • Yanira Garza

      Haha! She said “blast me for my remarks.” Nope. I ain’t falling for that one. We know who you are. LOL. We gonna go ahead and agree to disagree and keep it moving.

      • Girl.. I know that comments can get wild and I’m not necessarily for censoring but that’s my tia… Nawl.

  • lkeke35

    There is nothing inappropriate about her dress. Its a fairly modest dress in that she is all covered up. Its meaningless complaint anyway, because her body is going to have a shape no matter what she puts on it. What do people want? For her to wear a burka? That others find her attractive is not to be blamed on her. That others cannot control themselves around her is not to be blamed on her either. The ten year olds in her classroom do not care about it. She’s not distracting to them.

  • I’m conflicted by this article. “distraction” men feel she is a distraction to the class? that seems like a conflict women would have not men. all the women I have had this discussion with have all labeled her clothes a distraction. I didn’t know men felt that way. I do however agree that if she can teach then let her teach because if you replaced her with a middle age woman with no shape and she could care less about whether your kids learn or not you will be begging for her to be replaced too. granted somebody is responsible for her pics now reaching the radio as well as local news stations. but if both genders are saying negative things why only concentrate on one side? clearly the author mentioned that women too have issues with her clothing but yet the title is solely directed at males just as well as the ending. not to mention “Stop raising future rapists, abusers and fuck ups.”. how did this article get so one sided when clearly both sides made her post an issue with mostly women being unsupportive? smh

    • The very inspiration of this post came because a gaggle of MEN were popping of calling her hoes and unprofessional. Because black women parrot black men…. and black men will put the onus of their shortcomings on a black woman ALMOST ALWAYS. I guess we missed that part.

      • ok well then I can understand where you are coming from. I personally didn’t see that but now that you brought it to my attention I see very well where you are coming from now

      • in my opinion, I would have addressed both sexes equally BUT you are the author and have every right to write it up how you see fit. no quarrel from me. but I do feel that she was put out there to be judged. unfairly at that. anyone who asks or questions my view, I have since it first came out, have taken a step back to analyze it and found that we are almost never objective to any situation until it glares its head on facebook. in her case, had she been teaching the kids like she probably does. she would have never had the exposure. considering she is from Atlanta….I have seen women from Atlanta. she is probably one of the many and I do mean many that have exceptional curves. it is what it is. the bigger picture will have to be is she teaching. and if so then yes leave her be. the bigger crisis would be if she dressed that way and had a high failure rate. in any case neither situation would be based on how she dresses. and solely on her ability to do her job. and as I stated in another post… majority of the people who have bashed I’m willing to bet that they don’t even have a kid in her class

        • My entire issue is… the fact that it’s somehow her fault that folks have reduced black men and boys to dicks… like they aren’t thinking or intelligent.. they just go full dumb ass at the sight of this teacher.

          Naw bruh.

          • I do see your point entirely. being unable to control themselves thus comparing them to that of an adolescent. gotcha completely

  • Val

    Yep. The worst thing about this to me is all the women I’ve seen saying she needs to tone it down or she needs to dress more professionally. It’s sad when women become an arm of patriarchy and worse when they don’t even realize it.

    • Like they fed ALL THE WAY INTO IT. folks were calling her a hoe and unprofessional like what?

  • NonyaB

    The hate heaped upon that teacher IS unbelievable!

    Those condemning her need to acknowledge how deeply they’ve bought into the eurocentric standards which says that non-compliant features like bigger, shapelier hips are bad and should be hidden. They also need recognize and stop feeding into the narrative of proactively blaming women for past, current and future s*xual crimes – a woman’s appearance is NOT invitation or endorsement of assault.

    The context of teaching 4th grade means a more relaxed dress code and the only key issue is how well she does her job. The only distraction exists in minds of people who aren’t even her audience and is therefore irrelevant; 3rd party’ anxiety around her looks or attire shouldn’t affect her job.

    • It is so pathetic and it’s wrapped in insecurity and hate… This is on some dubya level.