Open Letter to Lena Dunham

Lena Durham

Hey girl. Hey! So you’re Lena Dunham? *blank stare*

We still don’t know you.  So I’m almost certain that OD Beckham was even more clueless about who you were and are.  But YOU are buzzworthy NOW. You were at the Met Ball along with a shitload of celebrities (I won’t call you a celebrity because I STILL don’t know you but you are somebody to somebody if you were at the Met Ball) sitting next to FINE ASS OD Beckham. Emphasis on FINE. I guess you were taken aback that he wasn’t drooling over you or attempting to get you back to his hotel because you, surely, would have consented to riding “that thang” like the Long Island Express. I feel you, girl. I feel you. Again, OD Beckham IS fine.


Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. And as you sat next to him while he smelled and looked delicious; you thought, “Wtf? Why hasn’t he made a move?”

Since you and I are good girlfriends after one paragraph, I thought I would give you a heads up. Because I want to see you win. Not really. But for the sake of niceties, let’s go with that. Mmkay? Kay.

I don’t know if YOU know this but you are weird as fuck. Not weird like “nerds are winning” type weird. THAT’S doable. You’re the girl who eats yogurt made with her own vaginal secretions type weird. Better yet, the girl who makes “art” with her menstrual blood type weird. I’m sorry. I can’t lie to my “friends”.

And on top of being weird as fuck, you aren’t even good looking. I guess this would be ugly-shaming. You’ll be fine. God forbid there’s a black man on the planet that doesn’t want to sleep with you. I mean- you are a delicate, white flower and all. Perhaps even more delicate than Taylor Swift because at least SHE has the privilege of being a cute white girl. Michael B. Jordan didn’t even want a free grind from your frumpy ass according to your cute little conversation with your cohort Amy Schumer. Apparently in your small privileged mind, these brothers should be more than willing to LOWER their standards by humping you. How mighty white of you.

I can imagine what the fallout would have been had he made a pass at you. THEN, he would have been aggressive, sexist and a misogynistic pig. Make up your mind, Lena. You can’t NOT want to be objectified and then be salty when you aren’t objectified. Exactly HOW MUCH DID YOU DRINK at the ball?

Lena Dunham

I have you all figured out, homie. You’ve, literally, made your entire career out of trolling. You were a nobody in high school. Kind of obnoxious and nobody really liked you. And your parents validated you being an asshole because you got the shitty end of the “looks” deal. We all can’t be 10’s, right? You can’t be facially-challenged AND be a fucked up person. This isn’t an attack. This is an observation. Woman to woman. “Friend” to “friend”. Help me. Help you.

I say all of this to say- you wanted notoriety. You got it. In all of her glory. Hopefully- the next time, it won’t be at the expense of a man who has no idea who you are.


You’re welcome.






K. Araújo, a native Detroiter, is a cross between Claire Huxtable, Rosie Pérez and Millie Jackson. Widow, bruja, Oni Yemaya, palera,  professional dragger of filth and Mami to the dopest Ethiopian EVER, she is the Editor in Chief of “Negra With Tumbao”, Staff Writer for “The Urban Twist” and a freelance contributor for major publications like The Root, VSB, Huffington Post, My Brown Baby and The Glow Up.

​Keka has been known to shake what her mama gave her, is the hell and high water, an expert salsera and cussologist with a penchant for the finer things in life and is and forever shall be- unapologetically black.

44 Replies to “Open Letter to Lena Dunham”

  1. I love this.

    1. Thank you for reading!

  2. Finally, I’m so tired of her.

  3. Im sick of so called white feminists talking about freedom while ignoring the rights of black women, black men, hispanics, immigrants and other minorities. Dunham claims her comments were made bc of her own insecurities, then why not just talk about your insecurities lena, why drag this black man into your mess? She wanted social media to lynch this guy. Thankfully ppl are too smart to fall for your white girl mess. It seems like lena is uncomfortable with her weight. Lena has access to personal trainers, healthy food and ppl to support her. Why does she constantly feel the need to guilt other ppl about her weight issue. I think it’s time for lena to stop regurgitating nonsense and masking it as “womens issues” and start taking a look at real life. She knew she looked horrible at that gala and tried to blame it on a black man. White women have been doing this for years. If amy had any kind of sense she will distance herself from this bigot.

    1. Now you know you can’t fat or ugly shame white women.. stop it.. she’s fragile. ????????????????

      1. As a fat, old and ugly white girl…you can shame me all you like. I can take it. 😉

        1. We only shame you when you fuck up.. lol

          1. S Davidson = typical white girl who tries to make everything all about her LMAO

  4. This and all this!! Been sick of her for a minute now … Girl all the way bye …

  5. Lovely Evaris says:

    I have no words for how beautifully vicious this is. 10/10 would read again, will share with friends.

  6. I know her from her show on HBO, which I know she got because her parents have money and she knows people. Its certainly not because she is especially talented. (She’s got nothing of importance to say, as she’s never done anything important worth saying.)

    She has said herself that she doesn’t have any black friends or know any black people, when someone criticized the lack of color on her NY set show. She then proceeded to introduce some black dick to the show. (But then she’s the kind of white person black people do not befriend. I’m pretty odd and I wouldn’t be her friend. She’s not interesting enough to be be mad at.)

    She is the poster child for mediocre, and though I’m not in the habit of rating women, I’d say she was a very generous 5. At that level of play, (being invited to the Met), he is thekind of guy who is only interested in an 8-10, and she ain’t nowhere near that. I guess she thought her white skin would get her over.

    1. I did not detect ONE LIE… clearly, she’s not talented. And her and her girl, Amy can both kick rocks.

  7. DudeBornIn67 says:


    1. This was me reading that bullshit.

  8. Boom

  9. Oh man, this was so satisfying to read, Lena Dunham looks like a 12 year old boy fused with a potato.
    However, your post is being passed around by anti-feminists and “egalitarians” on Tumblr as an excuse to bash all feminism under the guise of being righteously indignant towards Lena Dunham’s very specific brand of White Feminism, so be careful if a bunch of trash comes over to your website thinking you agree with them.

    1. Why should we becareful? Lena dunham doesn’t give a damn about black people. Id hate to call dunham a feminist she’s a self serving pig. Shes a fat white girl who is upset that her looks and no talents cuts her off from certain white groups. She made what she called an apology which turned out to be a sorry im fat and insecure letter. She also claimed that odell may have had a bad day. I doubt he would talk to u on a good day. Now were supposed to feel sorry for this white girl when black men and women are being murdered by the police. Im sure she will get
      white ppl to feel sorry for her but those same ppl never feel sorry for us. F lena dunham and weak apology. Keep eating like a pig lena

        1. Who is that? Lol Sorry I got distracted.

          1. Lmao… Moniece and Fetty Wap’s baby mama

          2. So the one with short hair is Moniece?

          3. Thanks!

            *heads to Moniece’s ig*

    2. I stated clearly what my stance was.. FUCK LENA DUNHAM. I’m not looking for the white gaze of approval either… I wrote this as a black woman who’s over whiny ass white millennials who throw rocks and hide their hands.

      She’s gross. I don’t give a damn about so called feminists or their platform.

      They are equally toxic to black women.

  10. @NegraWithTumbao:disqus!!! Muy salvaje! *Deep, ugleh belly laugh* Seems she peeped nobody was buying her bullsh*t explanation the first time. So, after she uh, consulted X (after ignoring and blocking BW who said as much earlier), she posted a fauxpology:

    1. And the coons are camping hard for her FUGLY ass. Lawd.


    I’ve never checked for her ugly ass!! She is not talented or funny or witty and ‘GIRLS’ is a stupid ass show. People cape for her so hard and I’m like why??? Not to mention how she wrote in her book that she used to masturbate while her little sister (read: toddler aged sister) was in the bed with her and how she would touch her sister’s vagina and bribe her with candy so she could kiss her on the lips for long amounts of time! NEVER BEEN HERE FOR HER DISTURBED ASS!!!


    1. I didn’t even want to get into that… fucking weirdo… I was so done. Thank you for reading!!!:

  12. Mary Burrell says:

    She is a privileged white chick even though she looks like the Michlen tire man she was arrogant enough to believe that the black man was supposed to desire her schlubby ass. Whiteness is one hell of a drug.

    1. Schlubby!!!!!!! Good day! ????????????????????????

  13. Mary Burrell says:

    She looks like she smells like bologna and old hot dog water.

    1. Someone said she looked like a bag of mayonnaise.

      1. B-b-bag – not even jar/bottle?! *Dead at the sniper precision of this draggage*

        1. Lol Right. It’s the perfect way of describing her.

    2. *Screams*

    3. You are on a roll….OMG..YOU KNOW SHE DOESN’T BATHE REGULARLY.

  14. All I ever think about when her name comes up is that she’s an admitted child molester. With that in mind, I wonder how does she even get invited anywhere. I mean, people need to be warned so if they encounter her at an event that they are interacting with a pedophile.

    1. She’s the new era Polanski – confirmed perpetrator of horrible acts, yet people twist themselves to condone her actions and continue to support her work.

  15. Most of her fans are content w ignoring black issues. Priviliged white women whose greatest fear is being called fat. Alot of these women call themselves feminist. I feel like lena is using her audience, shes taking advantage of the fact that many white american females are brainwashed into feeling insecure about their bodies. Instead of upliftting these women she is reinforcing these negative feelings of self hate. Black women understand all too well how media images can try to make us feel insecure. After years of being pushed black women have reinginited the natural hair movement even though most black women on tv have relaxed hair or weaves. We have learned to make a way for ourselves despite what the media pushes on us. Gloria steinham has said that most of what she learned about feminism was through black women, yet we are continously left out of the conversation. Could it be that issues faced by black women carries too much of a burden for white feminist? Do they feel like it will overshadow petty issues many white feminist talk about like “i feel fat” feminism is too serious for people like amy and lena. They are just white chicks that are dying to be accepted into the white elite club, they dont care about feminism. They do not care to be apart of the broad spectrum that is the feminist movement, those two women are weak. Lena could have explained her lack of knowledge in her apology. Lena could have confessed that she doesnt know much about americans that are not white, and that there are many women like her who need to step outside their box to help end these superficial feelings about their bodies. If lena were an educated woman she would not have made those comments. She has a superficial education, the kind that you can buy, she has no real knowledge of the world she lives in. If lena were a real feminist her education about women would include people who are not white and she wouldnt have so much trouble connecting with odell. The seating plans are the met were made to desegregate so people could strike up interesting conversation and make new friends. Lena cant seem to do that. I think lena is apart of the antifeminism movement, she helps to keep women in a box so that she can make more money under the guise of helping them. she felt lost about connecting with the black man seated next to her. Instead of acknowledging her lack of awareness she decided to blame him and tried to ruin his reputation via social media. Her apology was not genuine, she hasnt talked about getting a real education, she hasnt talked about what she can do to help educate herself. Has lena thought about what black people feel like surrounded by a sea of white people who are quick to make assumptions about them? Those assumptions sometimes gets us arres


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