Nate Parker: Birth Of An Unapologetic Rapist

Nate Parker

“Birth Of A Nation”‘s release should be a joyous occasion for us. In fact, we should be celebrating the fact that its producer, director, and co-writers are black. Nate Parker and Jean Celestin are telling Nat Turner’s story. His very important story.

Unfortunately, I won’t see that story. I was already on the fence when I found out about his white wife. Then, I heard about his rapey past and I don’t support “alleged” rapists. Fuck legalities and quotes penned by high-paid publicists. Upon the new buzz about his predatory past, Parker released this patronizing statement:

“Seventeen years ago, I experienced a very painful moment in my life. It resulted in it being litigated. I was cleared of it. That’s that. Seventeen years later, I’m a filmmaker. I have a family. I have five beautiful daughters. I have a lovely wife. I get it. The reality is…I can’t relive 17 years ago. All I can do is be the best man I can be now.”

Yeah. Nawl. Nate, you can get the ENTIRE FUCK ON with that bullshit. Somehow, you’ve decided in your savage mind that your wife and “five beautiful daughters” deserve to be spared from the monster you were/are. I’m not certain that he no longer exists. This statement lends no accountability for your actions. In fact, you don’t even offer an apology. This is rape, my nigga. You don’t get to be glib. Your “alleged” victim committed suicide in 2012 after three attempts and a justice system failing her. Unlike you and Jean, your “alleged” victim had to relive that fucked up reality for days on end. She was addicted to drugs and alcohol because she did her best to escape the nightmare you and your cohort made her live over and over.


You’d like for us to move on and support your movie because we should “support a brother”. It looks like you were privy to the benefits bestowed upon rich, collegiate white boys because you happened to be an athlete. Surely, a star athlete would have no need to rape anybody because I’m certain there was no lack of vagina for you. In your mind, that’s what you tell yourself. Yeah. Star athlete who happened to be black with a thing for white girls. That’s a first. You and your crew’s entitlement to that young woman’s body speaks to the many men who feel just as you do.

Yet, you deserve redemption. And there’s a “brother”, somewhere, treating you like a demigod. Their silence is equally deafening across social media.

Sisters were willing to look past your spouse (not me) to support your movie. I can’t with good conscience support a man who hates women. 17 years later, it’s apparent that you’ve not changed. Your demons will catch up to you soon enough. This isn’t hard for me although I know some folks may struggle with your past and they will, still, show you love. Be thankful for them. Love doesn’t live here anymore, Nate.

K. Araújo, a native Detroiter, is a cross between Claire Huxtable, Rosie Pérez and Millie Jackson. Widow, bruja, Oni Yemaya, palera,  professional dragger of filth and Mami to the dopest Ethiopian EVER, she is the Editor in Chief of “Negra With Tumbao”, Staff Writer for “The Urban Twist” and a freelance contributor for major publications like The Root, VSB, Huffington Post, My Brown Baby and The Glow Up.

​Keka has been known to shake what her mama gave her, is the hell and high water, an expert salsera and cussologist with a penchant for the finer things in life and is and forever shall be- unapologetically black.

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  1. I haven’t the words (yet) to articulate my dissent with your post. I have read many whose stance mirrors yours. It SHOULD go without saying but for anyone who may ‘come for me’ without an invitation I will state that rape is reprehensible. Further I understand the difference between not guilty and innocence. I am refusing a rush to judgment. I need to think a bit more on my rebut before I respond. Before I retire to my thinking corner, I will say that his wife being white has as much to do with ‘this’ as all the tea in China and Britain (read: nothing). OK, hold on be right back.

    1. For you his wife has nothing to do with it…she played a part in me not supporting this movie. You can’t ask me to support you when your woman doesn’t look like me or hy sisters. NOPE. Not today, tomorrow or ever. He is free to love and marry who he wants and I don’t have to support him.

      As far as rushing judgment, I said that before I read the entire transcript of what happened. Did you read it? Did you know that the reason that he was acquitted was because she had consented previously? Can you fathom being raped and because you said yes 1 month ago- that yes would extend to an other occasion? Where is that cool or even right? His friend was found guilty and served time in jail… he was released before she didn’t want to go through with a trial again. Can you imagine?

      As I’ve stated, there will be plenty of folks who will still support him so it should be all good if I carry on.

      1. I’ll be honest, I don’t care about his white wife, either. I’m on my Lin-Manuel Miranda “love is love is love” shit. I’m fine with interracial marriage/dating. Unless it’s the classic case of dating a black woman when you’re getting established, but as soon as you get on you leave her ass for a white girl. I don’t know if that was the case with Nate, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened, either.

        I made the mistake of reading an article about the timeline of the assault and I was so disgusted that it was a done with the Internet for the rest of the day type of thing. Can we talk about the guy who didn’t join in during the assault? He left not because he was witnessing a rape, not because he realized that his friends were trash, but because “he wasn’t attracted to her.”

        He.wasn’t.attracted. My God, we have GOT to do better raising our sons.

        I was looking forward to checking out Birth of a Nation, but I’m going to put it in the same category as Straight Outta Compton. I’ll see it when it hits HBO.

        1. Maaaan Listen…. all of them can go to hell with gasoline drawers…. I would gladly light the match. I won’t be seeing it all. I knew Nat Turner’s story and I will know it after.

  2. Felicity Lynn says:

    Great Article Negra. I am already familiar with Nat Turner. I will find more books when I desire to learn more. Not impressed with Nate. I will keep my dollars in my pocket.

    1. Exactly… If this is the first time a black person has heard of Nat Turner then we are in trouble!

  3. singing in falsetto love don’t live here anymooooore…I read awesome article For Women Who Have To Watch Their Rapists Thrive and it so sums up how these Celeb/NiceGuywBrightFutures get to walk away from any real responsibility for their actions either by legal system or society and the victims lives change drastically forever. Everyone seems so concerned with giving the rapist a decent shot at life…its almost as if they are victim…like they are the one who is being persecuted. And in this case the white wife is immaterial..only because he is a rapist who got off on a technicality which should be illegal…cause I said yes once means I never have the right to say no…FOH with that bullish..white wife might make me side eye you…and bootleg the movie…but rape..I don’t wanna see your face in ANYTHING….you right with R Kelly…your name is on my nah I dont eff with you list….FOREVAAAAA

  4. And you have men who will cape for Nate and say stuff like “we don’t have all the facts.” Rape culture thrives on this sort of empty, lazy neutrality- an effort to seem smart and compassionate by staying in the middle.

    If you have the facts (which we do have in this case) then it’s immoral to stay in the middle. Fairness, in this case, should induce a sense of rage and disgust toward Nate Parker.

    1. You have men and women who are using a technicality to make him innocent… Like really?

  5. Helga G.Pataki says:

    I will admit, I used to be a fan of his and struggled with the relevancy of the rape allegations resurfacing just as this huge movie is being released, but the truth of the matter is karma is real and what is done in the dark will come to light.

    The woman he raped was a freshman, with her whole life ahead of her, a life he and his friend made unbearable. I read the court documents, and what is so sick to me is that him being a rapist isn’t the worse thing he did. He harassed his victim for months after her rape because she was seeking justice for herself. That right there shows his character. He is a monster and I don’t care how he is presenting himself now.

    So nope, I am not supporting anything he does anymore, and like another commenter said books are always readily available to learn and most often the best option!

  6. MelaninManson says:

    Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with increased scrutiny toward Nate Parker and his writing partner given these old allegations. There’s nothing wrong with people who suggest that they cannot support his new movie based on the controversy.

    But to suggest that the race of Parker’s wife should lead anyone against supporting his art is ridiculous and prejudiced. Further, while many may find Parker’s contrition illegitimate and unimportant, it’s not accurate given his public statements on the subject and his refusal to shirk or hide from public scrutiny on the incident to suggest that Parker has been in any sense ‘unapologetic’.

    Again, more public investigation of Mr. Parker and his writing partner here is needed. As a community, Black folk can ill afford to treat Parker and Celestin like Tyson, Jackson, Kelly, and Cosby, among others. But his wife’s race is simply not part of that discussion, and you undercut the strength of your argument with this anti-miscegenation attitude.

    1. Again for you his wife’s race isn’t an issue… It is for ME. YOU WILL BE OK.

      1. MelaninManson says:

        I’ll rephrase. The fact that Nate Parker’s wife’s race is a concern for you in this controversy degrades the possible reasonableness of your concerns. Nate Parker’s reputation does not suffer because of who he chose to marry, at least to reasonable people. To repeatedly raise his wife’s ethnic heritage as a concern in this controversy displays your unreasonableness when evaluating Parker’s reputation.

        Again, if you do not wish to support Parker’s latest film, or anything else with which he is associated, that’s completely fair. You are a consumer, and you’ve every right to spend your dollars elsewhere. But the silly, childish bias you display in this piece makes it clear that Parker’s interest in women outside his racial group stokes your ire along with the accusations of sexual assault against him. None of that is reasonable, or sensible, or smart.

        All adults should oppose sexual violence of any kind. That’s why these allegations deserve massive public scrutiny, and why Parker’s refusal to shield himself from public scrutiny heartens. Should people find his conduct unbecoming, they can and should publicize their discontent. But his wife’s race tells us nothing about Nate Parker at all, and should not be part of adult discussions of his possible improprieties.

        But you are correct on one thing. For me, a reasonable person, Nate Parker’s wife’s race is not an issue. Her race is an issue for you, and that fact marks you as an unreasonable person. Good luck with that.

        1. See I’m perfectly OK existing in my space with folks who look like me. I’ve not lost anything… There’s always one

        2. Yes, it is an issue for forward thinking black women. Because we are tired of spending our hard earned money on black men who then turn round and give it to women who NEVER look like us.

          Not to mention that this also effects the transfer of black wealth to everybody else but us.

          1. MelaninManson says:

            No one’s required forward thinking Black women to spend their money anywhere. But the fact remains that Nate Parker’s marriage has no discernible effect on his art, or the politics of supporting his art.

            What’s more, your argument suggests that the only Black men worth support are those from whom Black women may draw superficial validation from these men’s personal lives. Real feminism should not care about with whom Black men choose to spend their time and money. Independent Black femininity should exist without concern for the actions of any and all men.

            It’s just irrelevant.

            In general, this bizarre preoccupation with Nate Parker’s wife cheapens the argument against supporting his work because of the rape allegations made against him and his partner. These allegations would not be easier for the community to stomach were he married to a Black woman. No one’s being asked to support Nate Parker, but his wife, by all accounts, has nothing at all to do with this controversy, and should be left out of these discussions.

            Blaming someone for being who they are is prejudice, defined. Nate Parker, his wife, and their family should not have to suffer that indignity along with the blow to his reputation caused by this controversy. Questions about Parker’s actions seventeen years ago are valid; judgments about his choice of spouse are not.

          2. Why are you still going on about this? The fact is… Nate Parker’s wife can support him and I’m not.

          3. It’s irrelevant to you and to be frank..nobody asked you. Real feminism? Spoken like a true man. If you knew ANYTHING AT ALL about feminism, you’d know that BLACK WOMEN have never been included in the narrative. EVER. We are an afterthought in EVERYTHING. So yeah.. FUCK HIM AND HIS WIFE. YOU are making it about his wife. Why do YOU care why I support him? He is a rapist which I found out about later. I was already on my way out the door because of his wife and this ushered me all the way out.

            Who the hell are YOU to tell any woman here what should be left out of any discussion that WE are having when you are not a black WOMAN? HOW DARE YOU. Miss me with ALL OF THAT.

          4. MelaninManson says:

            You respond to a story on possible sexual assault and art with racism. Then when you are called out on the racism, you suggest that gender allows you to ignore someone’s critique. I’m not sure you can recognize the hypocrisy in your words, but you should know that if you believe Black women have never been included in feminist narratives, you forget that a long and storied Black feminist narrative exists.

            Mary Church Terrell and Mary McLeod Bethune and Ida B. Wells didn’t lament Black male relationships with White women; they spent their energies uplifting their gender and race from their own perspectives, in letters and deeds. Now, no one expects you to live up to the greats; what’s expected is some basic attempt at ideological consistency. Black feminists need not care about what men do. They are too busy working.

            Now, perhaps some private pain makes you fixate on Nate Parker’s wife to justify your ill-conceived earlier antagonism toward his movie. Maybe some brother with whom you placed interest stepped out with a White woman in college, and you’ve never let go of that rejection. It’s an old story, really. LOL. But the fact remains that there’s no reason to suggest that Nate Parker’s wife’s race has anything to do with this controversy. You suggest, in essence, that a film about the life and trials of Nat Turner already proved suspect for you because of the private life of its primary filmmaker.

            That is not logical.

            Black men do not lose their melanin through interracial matrimony. Nate Parker’s no less Black, and therefore no less connected to the daily struggles and strengths of the Black community. That’s why this controversy has merit: while none of us wish to dismiss the claims of alleged sexual assault victims, it’s clear that recent public scrutiny of Parker’s past will justify indifference to what could be a seminal moment in American filmmaking on chattel slavery. It’s not clear if that public indifference to the film is a bridge too far, given the facts of the case.

            None of that requires any position on Parker’s marriage. Instead of parroting anti-miscegenation White nationalists who also do not wish to see race mixing in public, perhaps you may wish to change your mind about calling out someone else’s marriage as a reason to avoid their art. Or not. Maybe college wasn’t very long ago for you. LOL.

          5. You feel free to cape for Becky. I’m all good over here.

            You make for an articulate counterpoint until you inaccurately describe me as a racist. You may want to research the academic definition.

            You, also, need to revisit World and American history to understand my stance as it’s not based on anything remotely tied to white supremacy I’m good. You’re being verbose for what?

          6. MelaninManson says:

            I never said you are a racist; I don’t know you, and expect you have no power to enforce your beliefs on anyone. I suggest that you respond to a possible sexual assault story with racism, specifically anti-miscegenation prejudice. It’s just simplistic, and old, and wrong.

            Seriously, you appear like one of Spike Lee’s sad stereotypes from School Daze. I’d ask you to wake up from the 80’s, but I’m not sure you’ll grasp the reference. Becky doesn’t need anyone to cape for her. This disagreement revolves around your limited politics.

            Nate Parker may be irredeemable. I don’t know. But his sexual history with White women either does or does not inform his politics and his art. Either way, his spouse’s race cannot be a meaningful element in the debate over his past. As a community, we can’t institute sexual litmus tests for our artists and leaders. To do so would unjustly limit the perspectives we are willing to consider as authentically Black, and that path only wastes human capital we can ill afford to discard.

            This isn’t verbosity, sister. I’m just correct on this, and being patient with you as you catch up.

          7. “School Daze” would be the reference and don’t come on my site insulting my intelligence. I don’t need your patience or your approval. You don’t like what I think.. Fine. The feeling is mutual. When you live as a black woman, I may be willing to hear your rhetoric but until then…. I’m good.

            Thanks for reading…

          8. MelaninManson says:

            To ‘like what you think’ implies that you were thinking when you wrote the post above. That implication is unjustified. Further, you respond to criticism with an assertion of your identity, as if only those who walk similar paths may judge your ill considered text. That too, displays something other than intellectual heft.

            If your arguments are so fragile that they fall apart under the slightest pressure from skeptical interlocutors, as they have here, then you should reconsider your perspective. You needed to express disdain for Nate Parker and men like him who express both conscious nationalism in their art and engage lasting relationships with White women. That anti-miscegenation crazy you spouted turned what could have been a reasoned takedown of the disgusting misogyny at play in Parker’s controversy into the biased drivel only a Trump supporter could love.

            Your blog post above, therefore, represents a failure on every conceivable level. But you are right — you don’t require another person’s patience or approval. Everyone can’t be helped. Best of luck with your blog.

          9. Um..your critique of an opinion is asinine.. especially when you’ve not lived the experience. The first time you left your opinion… I responded but that wasn’t good enough. As intelligent as you’re pretending to be, you couldn’t discern that you were arguing a moot point?

            I guess not. Then, that sad ass ego just couldn’t let you agree to disagree.. you wanted to drive your opinion home as if mattered.. Then you wanted to be passive aggressively insulting…

            Thanks for reading.. carry on. BYE.

          10. MelaninManson says:

            It’s not at all a moot point; you simply couldn’t muster a cogent counterargument. Yes, you find Nate Parker’s wife’s race relevant. No, you can’t explain why, and you suggest that something in your demographic’s amorphous experience allows you the luxury of unsupported arguments.

            It does not. You are certainly entitled to your own opinion, but if you do not wish to be considered unintelligent in public, you may wish to develop your opinions further in the future.

            This isn’t passive aggressive, sister. I state directly; we of the darker nation cannot afford underdeveloped reason. We can’t just cite our experiences and pretend that those not like us should simply take our word for it. No one owes us anything, least of all their empathy. Without question, Black women have suffered. None of that suffering means that it’s acceptable to imply that a person’s art is suspect simply because of the race of who he married.

            You’ve in essence endorsed the social conventions that justified Jim Crow. Next time, think before you type.

          11. You’re talking about this? Like… let it goooooo. What dog do you have in this fight? Is your wife white? Is your mother white?

            I dedicate myself to black spaces for the improvement of black people throughout the diaspora… Nothing NATE PARKER has done says that’s he is for black people. Pandering to us for the success of his film is just as weak as your tired ass argument… you fuck with them.. Great. I don’t… and say what you will but marrying white isn’t making us better in any way.

            Bye, Manson. Take your cape with you.

          12. You’re obviously stuck in the past and full of hate for white people. I can tell that you like an argument, you get a certain rush from looking down on other’s “Uncle Tom” opinions. Now I Dont hate u for it, our slavery past is a tough history one has to be mentally very strong to see the world for what it truly is without people fucking it up. The real truth is that everything was created equally, no one above or below anyone else. If that’s not the absolute truth let me know. But hopefully you come to this realization and then start to make more love-filled actions. Don’t get me wrong tho its on everyone and it’s maybe more on white ppl than u since they r the oppressors. U have no excuse for not living by the truth though, none of us do. You and everyone else are so stuck in your mindsets though that I don’t have much hope.

          13. I make love-filled actions everyday. If everything was created equally I wouldn’t have to write this blog. Now would I? Take that somewhere else. I don’t HAVE to love shit. And our past has not been reconciled so yeah I’m talking about it.

            I, always, find it interesting when people post anonymously. It’s such a punk ass move.. Anyway… Have a blessed and prosperous day.

          14. It’s your choice to love or hate, the right thing to do to make the world a better place is to love, but if you want to add to the evil in your world that is of course 100% your right. Of course you don’t HAVE to no one on any of these blog postings is ever saying you HAVE to do anything, though you make it seem like it. Now point out injustice? Hell yea! Fight against wrongs? Hell yea! I agree that the past hasn’t been reconciled. But calling people Becky and sh*t? That’s reducing yourself to the level of hate. Fight in the right way (please don’t respond with “ooh don’t tell me how to fight”, this is obviously a suggestion) March, protest, take a knee for the anthem, call out bullshit, but empty your heart of hate. life becomes better. I emptied mine

  7. Yeah, I was done with Nate after his comments regarding not playing a gay male character in order to protect black masculinity; Furthermore, my husband was done with this case and it’s “sketchy” details after he heard that there was another person involved who was like “or nah.” In his ignorant ass voice “What straight red-blooded college nigga you know is passing up on an orgy/free pussy/it ain’t no fun if we all can’t get none? Name me one; Them niggas is full of shit.They raped her, flat out.”

  8. Yes we know that black men have been accused of raping white women for decades.

    But we also know that they have in fact been raping white women for decades. Eldridge Cleaver was quite open about admitting this.

    1. More times than not, it was only an accusation.

  9. Mary Burrell says:

    I am with you on this one Negra it was bad enough he got the white woman fever I was willing to overlook that, then I learned he’s a rapist. That is repugnant I can’t support this film. To be honest I had my antenna up when all the hoopla at Sundance Film festival was giving him such praise. I knew if the white folks were eating this up then it was diluted and not the raw straight no chaser version. I couldn’t see white folks watching all that carnage of their people being murdered in a brutal fashion. A slave revolt is not pretty so i made up in my mind from the beginning I was not going to see it. Now that I have learned he and some other cockroach assaulted a woman and then proceeded to ruin her reputation on the college campus because she reported them and I learn the victim committed suicide. I can’t be on board with something that reprehensible.

  10. Mary Burrell says:

    And it’s disgusting that there are black women putting on their capes and defending him.????????

  11. says:

    You have made the truth plain. Any human being should have the right to have their autonomy respected. Nate Parker’s statements not only didn’t include a real apology. It was a slick defense of his actions, which is reprehensible on his part. The rape victim tried multiple times to cause justice, and she was never given justice by the judicial system. We have an epidemic of the mistreatment, rape, and abuse of women and girls in the world. black women and anyone has every right to not support the movie. We can find the truth about Nat Turner via documentaries, books, and other resources without watching his film. The cowardly thing is that he is hiding behind his children and his wife in trying to justify his actions. If he’s a man, he must admit what he did was wrong and apologize plus accept accountability for his actions. Also, his side kick also abused a woman. Anyone having sex with a woman who is unconscious and is intoxicated has committed rape. Therefore, the truth is known and misogynoir must end.

    1. Lawd!! This word on this good Sunday!¡

      1. says:

        Thank you Sister.

  12. I didn’t say or mean to infer that YOU were rushing to judgement, I was talking about ME. I wanted to read/hear more before I came to a conclusion. I read your comments on VSB and came here tonight to hear what you had to say about Leslie Jones forgetting my promise to come back later with a reply about Nate Parker. I still don’t see the connection between his White wife and what transpired 17 years ago. What am I missing? One/You can have some feelings about Black men marrying White women but how that makes his past transgression worse is lost on me (and I am not feigning ignorance — I truly don’t see the correlation). IF he was acquitted then this feels like cyber double jeopardy. Not trying to glorify him or vilify her. As others have pointed out, the timing of the resurgence of this horrific incident seems suspicious. Her suicide a deeply sad epilogue. I probably won’t see the movie because I am weary of the retelling of this time (for us) in American history. The trailer for the movie had me on the edge. I wish we could get some movies made in Hollywood that weren’t so one dimensional. Every movie made about slavery, Jim Crow and the Civil Rights era has the tinge of merely being our history and not American history. I fear the ones who truly could benefit from its lessons are the ones that stay away in droves. Usually I ‘support’ Black movies and actors, this I will skip and wait for the one about the four Black women who are responsible for our modern day space exploration.

  13. The worst part in all of this is obviously that a woman was raped. After that the worst part is that there are so many who are caping for this guy. I saw Anthony Anderson speak up for him. That’s going to seriously affect how much I enjoy Black-ish from now on.

    This guy is an unrepentant rapist. I mean, he’s still not just hanging out with but working with his rape partner. That alone is enough reason to not support Parker. In the long run I hope this follows him forever.

    Side-note: I like your new layout.:-)

    1. All of this!!! I’m looking at folks..we can’t be cool…

      Thank you.. I love the new lay out too!

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