MrStealUrGrandma Is The Latest Viral Sensation


In a matter of ONE minute, Sili and I watched the likes for Irvin Randle’s  (a.k.a. MrStealUrGrandma) Facebook fan page climb over a thousand. ONE MINUTE. If you are one of the few people who’ve been hiding under a social media rock- this beautiful, seasoned bloke has taken the internet by storm. He’s fashionable, athletic and FINE. Did I mention FINE?

The 54-year old dashing, silver fox resides in Houston, Texas. His social media presence has skyrocketed within a matter of days due to the massive sharing of his photos. I mean he DOES rock a mean skinny jean. His first photo led the masses to believe that he was 70. Fortunately, he corrected that debacle. Can you imagine if he WAS 70?


“Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, Mr. Parker!”

He is single by the way. I’m not but he is. That’s more for me than anybody else. Mr. NWT is aging just as fly but DAYUM.

*crossing my fingers, toes and legs and prays*

“Father Gawt, PLEASE let Mr. NWT be this fly at 54. He can get it every day of the week right now but lend your loving hand to his youthful swagger. Ament”

Where was I? Oh yeah..He’s a teacher as well. There’s a darling shot of him reading to the kids. The kids…maaaaan! What’s NOT to love about this guy? Given his new viral stardom, I’m certain that MrStealUrGrandma and his divine fashion sense aren’t going away anytime soon.

You better watch out, Trey!



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