An Open Letter To Madonna and The Billboard Awards



I haven’t watched these wack ass awards in years and my life was just fine without them. Prince passes away and you and the rest of Dwights decide that y’all would leave actual black folks out of his tribute. Yeah, I know that you asked Quest Love to write a tribute to say before he introduced your tired ass and that you and Billboard made a piss poor effort of appeasing “the blacks” by incorporating the iconic Stevie Wonder in your lackluster performance.  But who told you that YOU , of all people, could open your mouth to sing “Nothing Compares 2 U”?  Even Sinead O’Connor wants to fuck you up and I’d help her. Was “Purple Rain” all that you and the alabaster brigade could come up with for your funky ass homage? The man had a catalog of THOUSANDS OF SONGS and hundreds of hits and you chose a chorus to a song that EVERYBODY AND DEY MAMA have done for a tribute? How fucking unoriginal of you. Your performance was a mockery of everything soulful and holy when it comes to Prince. Beyonce didn’t show up for the David Bowie tribute. She let you live.  Damn.

Prince looking at Madonna from heaven like "No Bitch"
Prince looking at Madonna from heaven like “No Bitch”

Madonna, your infamous reputation of bedding blacks and latinos surely gave you an unwarranted dose of confidence and nerve to even think that you should SPEAK with reference to Prince. Maybe, you thought you were soulful by injection? Ionknow! You say you were friends. So you should already know that your “friend” was BLACK AS FUCK and he loved black artists. the Billboard Awards were ALREADY #BillboardsSoWhite and we had to endure your out of tune, pitchy blander than white folks’ fried chicken ass vocals on this track? You should have politely declined but that would have been too much like right. I know that your light of relevance has dimmed quite a bit especially if a supposed “icon” is putting Nicki Minaj in HER video to stay relevant but c’mon, son! THIS WAS THAT BULLSHIT. You should’ve put your privileged ass ego to the side and let real people with talent do this tribute. You couldn’t let Chaka, Sheila E. or even Usher do His Royal Badness justice, huh? Linda Perry‘s no talent, one-hit wonder having ass had you hyped like it was your “Like A Virgin Tour”, huh? Perry has as much dust on her as those nasty ass dreadlocks which she rocked when she yodeled with “4 NonBlondes”.

Girl bye! I hope “Black Twitter” shows up to let BOTH of y’all have it. I would be elated and I know that Prince would bust a split from all the wig  snatching that would ensue.

*Prays incessantly* Please Baby Black Jesus in heaven. Snatch their edges for fucking with Prince. Please. Amen.


What’s to come is pissing me off more than anything. I can see it now. All of these white publications are going to use words like “touching’ and “beautiful” to describe that debacle which you call a performance. Fuck them too in advance!

God forbid the black community loses another musical legend. You better NOT show your ass up to do NOTHING. Buy flowers and stay the hell away. You hear me?

At least your outfit was nice.

K. Araújo, a native Detroiter, is a cross between Claire Huxtable, Rosie Pérez and Millie Jackson. Widow, professional dragger of filth and Mami to the dopest Ethiopian EVER, she is the Editor in Chief of “Negra With Tumbao” and a Staff Writer for “The Urban Twist”. Keka has been known to shake what her mama gave her, is the hell and high water, an expert salsera and cussologist with a penchant for the finer things in life and is and forever shall be- unapologetically black.

  • Maryjne505

    No class.. So uncalled for lol…

  • Maryjne505

    U should keep it real by turning off your “Approve Post” option..

    • Oh I looooove trolls.. You mad, Becky? It still won’t stop Madonna from sounding like a handicapped cat.

  • DJ

    I am a white woman and have been a fan of Madonna for most of my life, and I completely AGREE with you! I felt very much the same way (minus the issue of race, which is SIGNIFICANT) when Bowie died and the Grammy’s aired that travesty of a “tribute” with Lady Gaga. That performance lacked all of the soul and substance of the man and his music, and Bowie super fans (like myself) were appalled and enraged. I imagine that what YOU are feeling about this so-called “tribute” is what I felt MULTIPLIED by 1,000 because of the added racist implications. I only hope that the BET Awards will do for Prince what the Brit Awards did for Bowie: a proper tribute with the RIGHT people: his actual band, the people who were closest to him, and those who had worked with him the most. Not only is that what Prince deserves, but it’s what YOU and all of his fans deserve!

    • I appreciate that. I really do. So many times white people even progressive come in black spaces like they have a right to be there and sometimes it should just be what it is. Now BET has been known to mess up a tribute too.. So we will see! lol Thanks for reading.

  • Maryjne505

    Negative Nancy. Period.

  • Ooohhh somebody’s feelings are hurt because Madonna was wack? You’ll get over it.

  • Daps you up cause every word you typed was on point…including your comments to o clueless one..both her and Madonna get a #byefelicia for that bullshit

    • I was so upset.. Like I’m still emotionally torn up over his death and Madonna… never mind. Then to be trolled.. I was about to lose ALL my damn religion.

  • Thank you Negra. I just ran across your letter while posting a comment. You, me, and every Prince fan have a right to be angry this Monday morning. That performance was a monstrosity. Madonna wasn’t the right artist to do a tribute to Prince. She doesn’t have the vocal range and she couldn’t capture Prince’s true essence. And to drag out our beloved Stevie Wonder just added more salt to an open wound.

  • Witchsistah

    That BET ad for their Prince tribute should have provided some balm for your wounds. That was some pretty shade and Prince would’ve approved.

  • Jim

    bookmarked!!, I love your website!

  • Louis Mariano

    as far as “black people” being left out of the tribute… im pretty sure stevie wonder is black unless i like he, is blind…..
    Anyone who loved prince and his music and artistry should get the chance to pay tribute to him whether they are black white polka dot or canary yellow….
    Youre not crying fowl with Christina Aguilera’s tribute hologram performance to Whitney Houston? Why is that…? She looks just as white to Me as Madonna is…

    • I guess reading comprehension wasn’t taught in your neck of the woods… Stevie Wonder sang one pathetic ass line. I brought a big ass mug for those tears.

      Nobody HAS to include you.. Fuck outta here.

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  • Shirley

    Omg!!! Can you please write a letter to my ex! I’m sitting here at work like ” you said that” trolls always burn when truth is poured on them!

    • I am going to open up a service just you. I will write that letter and bring you joy!

      I am the firestarter when it comes to trolls.. Don’t nobody have that time for that! lol

  • Oh, did I ever just holler!

    “Oh and your mother’s a bitch”

    That’s what I’m talkin bout! Tell him girl! Who da fuck is he calling a bitch? Get that hater up off you!

    You gave him the classic response from where I was born and raised, and I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Great writing and excellent piece. I loved every word.


    • Maaaaaan Listen, I’m trying to get right with Alabaster Jesus and that fool was trying me. I edited it. I want to mindful of my other readers. Everybody’s not a jackass.

      BTW My husband is from Brooklyn. East New York to be exact. 🙂

      Thank you for reading, sis!

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  • Jimmy

    I agree with the majority of your opinion, Madonna was Whack, unoriginal, boring AF, and all that. B
    I also agree with white folks entering our space, but I think that Madonna and Prince worked together. Prince was fond and has respect for her as an artist, they had relations and shit. So Madonna paying tribute kinda makes sense, but her love for the Icon should’ve trumped her ego and she should’ve shared the stage with other artist. Especially black artist as everyone knew that Prince loved and supported his fellow black artist. Maybe if she did share the stage and a proper tribute her ass wouldn’t have sooo much egg on her face.

    • Jimmy

      They also did work together per his request

    • He also collaborated with black artists whom he had dated.. She doesn’t get a pass…lol Sometimes, you have to stay on your lane…

      • Jimmy


  • Cathy

    This right here tho!!!! I am here for every bit of it!!! Everything ain’t for everybody and a Prince tribute ain’t for Madonna. Sorry not sorry … And more fiyah for the trolls … Peace and blessings …

  • She was so in her feelings…lol

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