Daughters Vs. Other Black Women And The Ain’t Shitness Of Brothers


Prom pics with black daughters and their fathers holding guns on their young dates  are the motifs for this spring. Apparently, the double standard is real in this bitch. What is he implying really?

There’s so much.

The insinuation that only his daughter is worthy of protection is what stands out first.

Let’s not get started on the blatant double standard between fathers with daughters and sons. We are expected to pledge a life of celibacy, angelic innocence and “golly gee Whitaker’s” because our vaginas somehow belong to our dads from birth and sons can just run amuck fucking everything that sends a signal to their penises.

Let’s explore this. Brothers give their daughters’ vaginas such reverence that no other man is worthy of touching it because…….

  1. Deep down inside, Dear Old Dad knows he is/was on some fuckboy shit and karma is a muthafucka.
  2. Black women can’t possibly own their sexuality or their bodies because patriarchy and shit. We shouldn’t have a sexual identity UNLESS it’s tied to a man and we are, obviously, too stupid to say no to someone. Hell, we are stupid if we say yes. We can’t win!
  3. Black women and girls aren’t worthy of protection unless that protection involves pussy and even then said protection isn’t guaranteed because somehow we aren’t human beings but rather possessions who shouldn’t be tainted. Bidding on our humanity apparently comes with a hefty price if we want to be hoes.
Shotgun prom daughters
Shotgun prom daughters

Ain’t that some shit? Where are all of these guns when ignorant ass niggas are killing us for not aborting babies that they don’t want us to have? Why aren’t y’all storming the police stations in droves with all of this firepower when white police officers are murdering and abusing us? Oh and where are all of these brothers when we are stalked in clubs and online and murdered because we reject these crazy sons of bitches?

Where’s that protection, Dad? How willing are brothers…how willing are YOU to REALLY offer us your protection? Not pseudo protection for daps and likes but real-life “our lives depend on it” protection. You see..the boys in these pictures are not imminent threats. The world and folks that you watch on the news, talk about in the barber shops and completely ignore when we really need you are who need those fucking bullets.

Unfortunately, you’re too busy posting up in pictures with your guns pulled on kids to actually do something to help or protect us.



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