“Sex In The City” Is Wack

Sex in The City

“Sex In The City” is wack as FUCK. There- I said it. It’s like a weight has been lifted from my chest. For years, I’ve heard black folks rant and rave about Carrie Bradshaw and her bosom biddies ..oops buddies. I’ve listened to  black women gush over their haute couture fashion, “witty” conversations and dizzy ass antics and I was completely left out of the loop. I had not seen ONE episode in all of the six years that it aired on HBO. However, I saw both movies. It was a girl’s night out. Don’t judge me!

"Sex In The City" is not the life I live.
“Sex In The City” is not the life I live. Photo courtesy of popsugar.com

Even Jigga was watching it with HIS girl. “Nigga What? Nigga Who?”
Anyway,  I bit the bullet and I watched it. I could only stomach two seasons of it. It was WACK. Like wiggedy wiggedy wack…I tried. My nerves tried it. I was annoyed more than anything. So much dumb shit at the same damn time. I tried to like Samantha (the sexually free-spirited friend). How could I not? I’m all for doing what I want with whom I want but it was just so lame. None of this would EVER happen to my clique and me. We are mouthy and we clapback. Even our issues with men have swag. This wasn’t the alabaster version of “Girlfriends” (that was my shit). They were whiny with the flavor of seasonless fried chicken.

It strived to be what “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is and forever shall be. MESSY. I needed a shot of ratchet.

My face the ENTIRE time that I watched “Sex In The City”.

And for the bourgeois who may say that, “You don’t get it.”…. I do and it’s just not entertaining. I feel the same way about ” Seinfeld” and “Friends” so don’t feel bad. How “Sex In The City” made it for six years and 2 movies is fucking BEYOND me but what do I know? I DO know that I’d rather watch the only season of “Square Pegs” with Sarah Jessica Parker on repeat while drinking a kale, beet, watercress sandwich smoothie,  wearing Uggs, yoga pants and soaking in a pumpkin spice latte bath before I watch that shit again.  Y’all can have it.



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18 Replies to ““Sex In The City” Is Wack”

  1. Mary Burrell says:

    I tried with Sex and The City and I never could get into it either Carrie Bradshaw and company just annoyed me. I gave up on them.

  2. Laughs! Season 4 of the show is magical. The episode Shouda, Coulda, Woulda where Miranda contemplates having an abortion is worth your time.

    1. No puedo. It’s like watching, “Friends”. Lol

      1. Sex is very white. In season 3, Samantha goes out with a black man. Miranda in season 6 gets Blair Underwood for a multiple episode arc.

          1. I wish I could watch an episode alongside you to provide context and commentary.

          2. Ohhhhh Gawd.. 😂😂😂😂

            Don’t make me!!

          3. Please. One more episode. I’ll direct you to what season and the title. There are all sorts of moments from the series I can highlight to peak your interest but you sound so bored with these characters and their problems.

          4. Hahahaha… It was just that their problems just seemed so trivial and dumb. Like shit… I have black women’s problems and these broads are stressing over bullshit. I, literally, couldn’t identify with anybody.

          5. It is white privilege fantasy. And those movies did the series a disservice.

          6. Well there is your answer right there!! I don’t have time.. lmao

          7. I replied to you on twitter about the trans issue. You never said anything. You know as a g-boy I have my issues with their community. So I was in agreement with you while illustrating their thought process in silencing us who aren’t trans.

          8. Hmmmm.. if I don’t reply assume I didn’t see it… I am good about responding whether it’s negative or positive…. What was your comment? 🙂

          9. Because the legitimacy of their identity is always in question they now demand our silence. My twitter quote.

          10. Oooooo!! I didn’t see that! I, surely, would’ve agreed!!!

  3. Ijowna Deeds says:

    I hear ya. I enjoyed Sex in the City but Girlfriends was all dat. I liked some of the themes of Sex ITC, the NY city vibe, and that they were close/protective girlfriends. I too watched one or two Friends/Seinfeld episodes and wasn’t into them. I’m not into Scandal either … sorry, it is lame to me. I love Insecure … now tha’s my shit …

    1. “Girlfriends” was EVERYTHING!! I can’t do Scandal either and Insecure…. I tried.. I REALLY DID. lol

      Friends and Seinfeld!? Fix it Jewish Jesus.. I can’t!

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