Celia Cruz Finally Gets Her Propers and Telemundo Takes A Step In the Right Direction

Celia Cruz

Celia Cruz, finally, gets her propers ( post-mortem no less)but I guess it’s better late than never. Telemundo, a Spanish-language network, stepped up and created a novela that highlights afrolatinos  y mucho de nosotros tienen papeles en la novela. Jeimy Osorio, la boricua hermosa con cabello natural de descendiente africano, portrays “Celia Cruz”. This is huge! Let’s be clear. I don’t watch novelas. I don’t watch Spanish-language TV (unless it’s “Caso Cerrado”).  It’s not for the reasons that many may think. I understand Spanish and I speak Spanish fluently. My biggest issue with Spanish-language networks is the LACK OF BLACK FOLKS.  Es como que no existimos en el mundo latino y no es que no apoyamos estos programas. My tias, faithfully, watch their novelas to the point where they don’t take calls for 3 hours to watch but all they get to see is a damn maid or a bruja? No. Just No. We deserve more. FUCK THAT. WE DEMAND MORE. Telemundo, you’re taking a step in the right direction. Felicidades!  If these networks want afrolatino support, CREATE PROGRAMS FOR THE BLACK PEOPLE IN YOUR COUNTRIES. PERIOD. Univision- you may want to take damn notes!

Jeimy Osorio portrays Celia Cruz on Telemundo. Photo Courtesy of eluniversal.com
Jeimy Osorio portrays Celia Cruz on Telemundo.
Photo Courtesy of eluniversal.com

Now that my sermon is over, let’s get to the good shit. This novela covers everything. Celia Cruz ‘s rise to stardom wasn’t easy. She endured extreme racism and sexism as a black woman in Cuba. I have to say that Celia Cruz isn’t even the most talented sister in Cuba. The world KNOWS that Cuba produces amazing talent. Corre por nuestras venas. She IS one of the most celebrated artistas de Cuba. As a political exile, she never returned home. Many of us know this story well. Behind the fancy pelucas, extravagant gowns, beautiful voice and fiery performances- she suffered tremendously. It’s a complex story and I’m here for it. All 80 parts of it. Me alegro que finalmente- la historia de ella será contado.

The prodigal daughter has returned home. I am still going to rock with “Caso Cerrado” porque me encanta a mi gente cubana but I’m super excited about “Celia”. After all, she IS the reason why I have my blog name with a Spanglish twist of course. Don’t get it twisted. I carry this anthem with me everywhere I go.

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