What The Hell is Going On With Young Black America?

What the hell is going on with young, black America?  Let me specify. RICH, young black America. Y’all have been on one lately. Listen babies…we have rules and shit. You can’t just go giving opinions without consulting with your elders first!  I, really, try to discuss relevant issues that concern us but this needs to be addressed. I don’t know about anyone else but we were taught that you don’t put “family business” in the street. Family business in this case would be black folks and our internal issues.

Over the past month, three young, black celebrities have spewed the dumbest shit in the history of dumb shit. Niggatry at its finest. So much fine niggatry that I’m turning my back and walking away on y’all like Dominique Devereaux as I scribe this post.

I turn my back on young black america
Dominique Deveraux gives you her back.

 In the unforgettable words of  Reverend B.W. Smith, “Who the hell left the gate open?” 

Between Richard Sherman, Raven hyphen Symone with an accent over the “e” and Rihanna’s diarrhea of the mouth, I’ve come to the conclusion that we need to establish a real-life drop squad.  Back in the day when young, black folks spoke- they made profound statements. They acknowledged injustice, called out racism and demanded change. These new blacks, apparently, missed the memo on relevant black issues and opted for a subscription of  “The Coon Chronicles”.

Richard Sherman took time out of his press conference to chastise black folks about black on black killings after his image was used along with Marshawn Lynch’s in a video for the “Black Lives Matter” movement.  He went so far as to say some statements were IGNORANT. I can’t make this shit up. Guess what Richard. Since you’ve a Masters from Stanford, you do know that most murder victims (black or white) are killed by people of their own race, right? When was the last time a black cop was seen going upside the head of white guy walking home from the store wearing a hoodie? When was the last time a black cop opened fire and killed a 12- year old white boy who was playing in the park? I will wait. I’m not saying that he’s not an intelligent brother but he missed the entire mark when addressing “Black Lives Matter”. I know that he has an advanced degree but can he just shut up and stay in the back room with the rest of the chirren and not speak? Is that too much to ask?

Young, black and rich- Richard Sherman is talking too much.
Richard Sherman- Young, black and dumb. Photo courtesy of ESPN.com

Where do I begin? This next youngster hurts my heart. Truly. I took my daughter to see her in concert. I, absolutely, supported every project that she had because I thought that she had it together. I, wholeheartedly, believe that Disney puts a clause, a spell, or poison in each of their child stars’ contracts which lead each and every one of them to go batshit crazy once they reach young adulthood. I thought that Raven-Symone avoided the mess. BOY was I wrong!

Raven Symone
Raven-Symone – an unfortunate spokesperson for young, black America

Since getting skinny, not tanning to be darker for television roles (I DO NOT believe that but ok), coming out, and shaving her hair and dying it the colors of “all the continents  in Africa and Europe except for one” (why did I just crack up again?)- she has been on a donkey rampage. She seems to be the blackest anti-black person since Clarence Thomas. Even Dr.Ben Carson gets more props than her and that is a stretch. She has stated that Rosa Parks is more deserving than Harriet Tubman to be on the $20 bill because she’s closer to our progression in the movement. Does she not understand that there would be NO progression if it weren’t for Harriet Tubman? Have a seat. Now that she has a platform on the “The View”, she won’t shut up. She continues to say shit that annoys the hell out of smart, black folks  and white folks, finally, feel like they have that “black” friend who they can say “nigga” around. Raven- Symone- YOU ARE THAT BLACK FRIEND. The one that lets her white friends stand on top of her with their feet on her fucking head, put a noose around her neck because you know they’re just playing, pretend to be George Zimmerman while she’s the proverbial Trayvon Martin and lastly- the black friend that agrees that she wouldn’t hire black folks with ghetto names. A kool-aid haired broad from LOOs-ee-ana with a hyphen, an accent and fifty letters in her name has the cojones to try to call “ghetto” folks out. You know shit is real when her daddy writes a post detaching himself from her foolishness versus defending her. I hate giving up on us but all skin folk ain’t kinfolk…. BYE RAVEN!

Rihanna should stick to entertaining.
Rihanna is another young, black celebrity who should stick to singing…although, I do like her.. Photo courtesy of Bravo.com

Rihanna has never been known to give a damn about other people’s opinions and her latest statement would be no different. I, actually, like her. She walks to the beat of her own drum and I appreciate her for that. However, she is not exempt from shutting the fuck up. Last week, Riri called Rachel Dolezal a “hero”. I wanted to shake the shit out of this poor child. Being black is cool but there’s A LOT more that comes with being black than twerking in a fashion show, rocking too much spray tan, wearing braids and buying bad curly wigs. Rihanna dropped the ball and as a young sister that doesn’t necessarily speak on social issues- she BLEW the chance to look like she was at least half way conscious of why Rachel Dolezal is no hero. Riri should just stick to looking fly at carnaval. She has THAT down pat.

Maybe, we are dropping the ball but I’m tired of all these idiots speaking “for black people”. They don’t speak for me or my people. We have to do better. Ironically, these three aren’t the only knuckleheads out there. We will hear other new blacks spew more fuckery and when they do, Black Twitter will gladly drag them. I am here for ALL OF IT.

*Stay Black*


K. Araújo, a native Detroiter, is a cross between Claire Huxtable, Rosie Pérez and Millie Jackson. Widow, bruja, Oni Yemaya, palera,  professional dragger of filth and Mami to the dopest Ethiopian EVER, she is the Editor in Chief of “Negra With Tumbao”, Staff Writer for “The Urban Twist” and a freelance contributor for major publications like The Root, VSB, Huffington Post, My Brown Baby and The Glow Up.

​Keka has been known to shake what her mama gave her, is the hell and high water, an expert salsera and cussologist with a penchant for the finer things in life and is and forever shall be- unapologetically black.