White Folks and Fake Black Fear

White folks and black fear are real. This is no secret. Imagine my shock to read about a twelve-years old black boy from Glendale, Ohio that was suspended from St. Gabriel Consolidated School (keep in mind that the Catholic church was a huge player in the African slave trade) for “staring” at a white female student.  He wasn’t suspended for hitting or touching her. Staring. *insert excessive blinking and then a blank stare* This was a staring contest as in the same staring contest that we played as children. Two, WILLING participants locked gazes and whoever looked away first was the loser. Sounds pretty cut and dry, right?

white fear
Candice Tolbert, mom of boy suspended for staring at a white girl.

A young, black boy and his white classmate played the popular game and he stated that she “giggled” the entire time according to the boy’s mother. The female student went home and told her parents that she felt “fearful” according to court documents. Upon reading that, I needed a drink. The school notified the son on Tuesday. I imagined an all white staff cornering this poor child and telling him what he did versus asking. I see them painting a picture of a “helpless, little white girl” who was frozen with fear as his manly and intimidating gaze shook her down to her core. I know that they told him how wrong he was for making her feel threatened and that he should know better. After all, you can kill somebody with a goddamn stare! He wrote an apology letter, of which his parents had no knowledge, and the school informed the parents an entire day later. He was, subsequently, suspended. A suit was filed and the judge upheld the school’s decision. It was a white judge no less.

White fear of black boys and men is a real phenomena. Throughout our history in this country, the precious white flower has always needed protection from the big, strong black boy or man. This is the hate and insidiousness that killed Emmett Till. The exact behavior that caused white men to castrate and lynch young, black boys.  This is some white privilege on speed and a punk ass attempt to emasculate this young brother. How dare a black boy LOOK at a white girl let alone stare at her. This girl, her family, the school and its staff are despicable and EVERY black parent with a child enrolled in this school needs to withdraw them IMMEDIATELY!  I am furious.

When asked if the parents thought if this had anything to do with race, they said that they didn’t want to pull the race card. NAW SON! STOP PLAYING!  THIS was the race card in play and they had the winning hand.  This was the perfect opportunity to teach their son about white supremacy and how that incident is stitched into the fabric of this country. Are they so willing to be the “good niggers” that they would give up the ideal platform to call out these racist sons of bitches? I cannot. I wish that I was his mother. They would be afraid…Very afraid.

Oh by the way- the same pathetic white girl (allegedly) poured milk on another student’s head and was not punished but she is scared of her classmate? Yeah ok. I guess milk on your head is much more benign than a stare.

Miss me with ALL of that bullshit!


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