Sex In A Bottle: Yves Saint Laurent’s Manifesto

Mi hermano espiritual me regalaba una botella de un perfume divino. “Manifesto” by Yves St. Laurent embodies EVERY beautiful aspect of sex. This post will probably be a little risqué pero that’s to be expected with this scent. Manifesto isn’t a new scent by any stretch of the imagination. It was released in August of 2012 and it utilizes a scent profile of which I’m  a typical fan with the exception of vanilla. Vanilla, tonka beans (think freshly cut sweet-smelling herbs), jasmine (one of my favorite scents), black currant buds (offers a tart and fruity essence), sandalwood oil (full, sturdy wood fragrance), bergamot (oozes spicy and sweet and is a wonderful compliment to jasmine) and wood with a hint of green notes that finish this perfume exquisitely. Michael came down for a weekend visit and he, casually, pulled out his lavish collection of couture perfumes. I spritzed un chin of the Manifesto on my neck and wrists and I was beguiled by the jasmine and tonka notes. Compliments were abundant while we were out. I looked sexy. I felt sexy. Hell- I SMELLED sexy. Later that night, I walked up to Mr. Negra With Tumbao and he, immediately, referenced the way that I smelled. I felt sexier than a French whore. He nuzzled my neck as he inhaled Manifesto’s essence. I KNEW this was a winner!

Yves Saint Laurent- Manifesto
Yves Saint Laurent- Manifesto

Men, especially, are the most cognizant of Manifesto’s sensual aroma. I’ve been told that I smelled “Delicious!” on more than one occasion by various men. Even the design of the bottle eludes to sex. The outline of a woman’s voluptuous physique with a snatched waist. Yaaaaaaaas honey! I think I may be on to something. This perfume should be included in one’s seduction arsenal mainly if this is your typical go to scent. YSL didn’t do anything extraordinary with the creation of this parfum BUT for all intents and purposes, it is reminiscent of a warm summer night lying under a ceiling fan, naked in bed with your lover. Post shower or post tryst, smelling the subtle remnants of Manifesto in your sheets is THE BUSINESS. I do mist our freshly laundered sheets with a little when I change the linens on the bed. It, certainly, does give mi negro something to think about when I’m away. These are tips to keep your relationship sexy and new by the way. ;-p

Which eau de parfum is YOUR sex in a bottle and how do you use it?



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