Summer Love Series: Date Night Ideas for Couples

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Date nights are easy to do. I am a sucker for love and romance. Me encanta el sentimiento de estar enamorada. The key to keeping relationships and marriages fresh and new is to get OUT OF THE HOUSE! Your outings don’t have to be lavish and expensive. It’s easy to find great date destinations for little to no money. For the next few weeks throughout the summer, I will be sharing creative date and getaway ideas.

In the Orlando area, Lake Eola is THAT spot. Lake Eola Park is situated in the heart of downtown Orlando.

                        The Pagoda At Lake Eola

The actual park surrounds a beautiful lake filled with various types of waterfowl like swans, geese, and ducks. They’ve included feeding stations where you can purchase bird food for a quarter. The feeding stations are by the Pagoda and it has a sitting area that looks out unto the lake. The Linton E. Allen Memorial Fountain sits in the middle of the lake and the view can be quite romantic especially at night. There is a choreographed light show until 9:30 pm during summer hours and it is absolutely fantastic to see. Any of the benches or grass areas offer a great view of the fountain and it’s certainly the right place to set the mood for a romantic picnic for two.

                  Linton Allen Fountain

If you aren’t into the picnic thing because of the MANY birds that call the park home, you do have another alternative. The swan paddle boats are a cozy and intimate way to see the park. For $15, you and your significant other can paddle around the lake for a half hour. This was MY favorite activity  at the park. The paddle boat allowed the Mister and I to have great conversation and it created a little escape for the two of us. There can be a bit of a wait on the weekends so I would suggest going during the week in the evening. You will not be disappointed!

 The Relax Grill is an eatery at Lake Eola that offers American, Mediterranean, and Asian fare. The portions are sizable and they do have drink specials. I enjoyed the chicken kabobs with a greek salad and fries while the Mister had the Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. I HAVE to tell you about the rice and stir fry. All of the food was seasoned well. HOWEVER, the stir fry was exceptional. Dinner for 2 could easily fall under 50 bucks and the portions are big enough to share if that’s too pricey for you.

It can be fairly easy to get caught up in the everyday hustle and bustle of life but finding little, enjoyable moments to spend with your spouse makes it all worthwhile. Have a great week!



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