Open Letter To My Husband And His Mistress On His Birthday


Happy 43rd Birthday, Babe! I hope you enjoyed your date. You had to have been looking forward to the weekend. I mean your boo got her hair done and shit. Although, she doesn’t quite get her cejas together like I like but we all have something, right? I am sure she’s a great person. She fucks […]

Fuckboy Chronicles: Umar Johnson- The Greatest Nigga Of All Niggas

Umar Johnson

Umar Johnson, the self-proclaimed doctor, Prince of the Pan-African movement and resident hotep fuckboy is mad. That nigga is BIG MAD and he took to these here innanetz to tell the good people about it. Now you know a nigga had to be fuming.  He made a video in a hotel room in Jacksonville, Florida  (because fuck […]