Centering White Feelings Over Black Victimization…Not Today, Satan!

white centering

A few days ago, I wrote a blog post outing an opportunistic, avaricious and abusive “activist” in our community. I STAND BEHIND EVERY WORD I PENNED. However, I learned three things. Even among the blackity blackest spaces, white centering runs rampant. Also the “tragic mulata”  trope is an integral part of the fabric in our history […]

The Life And Times Of The Tragic Mulata

tragic mulata

Navigating the proximity to blackness must be a profound challenge for the tragic mulata. In the past, I’ve felt empathy for her. I know many sisters who’ve tried to elucidate clear boundaries in order to embrace their negritude. There’s always that one who decides that black ain’t REALLY where it’s at UNTIL it’s advantageous to be […]

Four Black People We Must Abandon On This Fine Martin Luther King Day 2017

Martin Luther King

On this very fine Martin Luther King Day 2017, there are some behaviors and actions that black people should abandon expeditiously. With the new regime (pardon me) ADMINISTRATION starting in four days, we should ensure all of our apertures are sealed so that no blackness escapes. In laymen’s terms- GUARD YOUR BLACKNESS AND STOP COONING, MY […]

Serena Williams Is Getting Married And Armenians Aren’t Black After All

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is getting married. Yaaaaaaaaaaas! And it’s not to Drake or Common. Double yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! She’s marrying Alexis Ohanian, the founder of Reddit. Cha-ching. Well, it’s not like she’s without proper coinage so we know it’s not for the money. That’s not what this is about though and I’m certain they are cute and mushy. Like […]

Five Random Post-Election Thoughts


Donald Trump is the next president of the United States. I should probably put some “respeck on his name” but my inner negro will not allow that. It’s cool. I’ve held on to these thoughts save my private Facebook page but I’ve finally decided to share these random ass post-election ramblings. 5. Martha Stewart and […]

Why We Need A Modern Day Bwa Kayiman

Bwa Kayiman

Violence, indifference and murder against black people seems to be an inevitable and inescapable cycle. We’ve been lied to, disregarded and mocked. We know it’s not stopping on their end. So what do we do? Pleading isn’t moving the hearts of our alabaster counterparts and prayer has never worked. No shade but Jesus must not have […]

Open Letter To Myself About “Non-Racist” Whites. OH And #BoycottBookies


I, typically, contain myself to black spaces. I feel safe there. I may not always agree with my skinfolk but I love and trust them. However, I don’t trust whites. Not progressive whites. Not liberal whites. Not Gary Owens. Not Kim Kardashian. Not any of you. And I have white folks who I fuck with […]

Erica Garner Is A Fucking G

Erica Garner

Erica Garner is a MUTHAFUCKING G! She is the epitome of every black woman in this struggle for justice. We’ve watched her publicly grieve the death of her father, Eric Garner, who was murdered by Staten Island cop-Daniel Pantaleo in July 2014. And through her grief, she still fights for justice. The media has attempted […]

You Can Give Us Barbecue And Ice Cream But We Still Ain’t Cool

ice cream

There seems to be a new faux initiative that’s taking place within various cities. Police departments are giving the coloreds barbecue and ice cream as a way to build “better relationships” with the community. Because why? It’s summertime, hot and niggas love pork and dairy products. Apparently. I guess that’s how we build trust against […]

Korryn Gaines Was Assassinated By The Police. Period.

korryn gaines

The Paddy Patrol strikes again.  This time a young, black 23- year old mother, Korryn Gaines, was executed by white thugs while holding her five-year old son. He was, later, shot as well. Thankfully, he will survive. His beautiful mother wasn’t so lucky. What could call for her murder you ask?  A bench warrant for traffic […]