Kendall Jenner Saves The Oppressed With A Pepsi

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner, one of two of the Jenner/Kardashian  offspring with her almost original face, has now become the “White Flower Of Justice” according to Pepsi. The 118 years-old soft drink company, founded in Delaware, released a controversial commercial on the Good Lord’s Tuesday (yesterday). Donning a blonde wig, couture digs and serving good face because modeling is […]

The Importance Of Seeing Our Gods Mainstream And Why Beyonce Is Everything

Beyonce Gods

Our Gods have been our sources of life and strength and not in the “follow me or you will go to hell”  type rhetoric. Our Gods allow us to touch and connect with them directly via the rivers, oceans, the earth, fire and even wind. They also allow us to connect with ourselves. As a Lucumisa, […]

The Homegoing of Ricky Harris: Niggas Gonna Nig

Ricky Harris

I had the pleasure of meeting Ricky Harris in 1995 at Western Michigan University where he was performing with the late Yvette Wilson at Bronco Stadium. He was cool as hell AND fine! At the end of the show, they let folks on stage to freestyle while the dj dropped various instrumentals. Of course, I had to […]

Retire These Singing Ass Aunties

Retire Lauryn Hill

So last week was chocked full of kikis with my real but hilariously funny list of “Singin’ Ass Negroes Who Should Stop.” I believe in equal opportunity shade so of course, I had to comprise a list of singin’ ass songstresses who should retire as well. By the way, these sisters invoke the aunty spirit. […]

Singing Ass Negros Who Should Stop Singing

Singing ass Trey Songz

Black folks have singing on lock.  We sing it all from opera to spirituals and we have some talented muhfuckas too. Jill Scott, Jessye Norman, Prince, Michael Jackson, Solange, and the rest of the #blackexcellence crew feed our souls when they opened their mouths. There’s them and then, there’s this group. To be fair, I […]

On The 20th Anniversary of Tupac’s Death, I Have A Confession!


Tupac has been dead for 20 years today. I have a confession. He is not the G.O.A.T. Hell, he’s not even in my Top 20. Fight me. I know that most of you are trying to revoke my hood pass. If being a Tupac fan is a prerequisite for having one, I will politely decline […]

Open Letter to Lena Dunham

Lena Durham

Hey girl. Hey! So you’re Lena Dunham? *blank stare* We still don’t know you.  So I’m almost certain that OD Beckham was even more clueless about who you were and are.  But YOU are buzzworthy NOW. You were at the Met Ball along with a shitload of celebrities (I won’t call you a celebrity because I […]

Genius or Crazy: The Shenanigans Of Mister West

Mister West

Mister West is in the building and EVERYBODY knows when he enters. Kanye and his shenanigans, always, grab attention. ALWAYS. In pure Kanye fashion, he launched the release of his “Famous” video at LA’s infamous Forum. He sold limited edition t-shirts for $30. Fans braved rush hour traffic, long ass lines and scorching temperatures for […]

The Best Moments Of The 2016 BET Awards

BET Awards 2016

Helloooooooo Black People! I’m still riding the high of negritude and litness (yes, I know that it’s not a word but it describes last night so perfectly). BET has ALMOST redeemed itself from its reputation of debauchery and fuckery at the expense of good black folks. Last night’s awards were everything that BET promised. They […]

“Roots” Is A Must See For All Black Folks


“Roots” is everything that I thought it would be. It is painful, instills pride, has many teaching moments and triggers. I was 3 years old when the original “Roots” aired on ABC in 1977. I have never watched that version but I do remember my daddy talking about it. I’m not sure why I’ve never been […]