How Many More R. Kelly Stories Do You Really Need To Finally Believe?

R. Kelly

R. Kelly is a fucking monster. PERIOD. I was going to write a long ass thinkpiece about how trifling many of y’all, who’ve continued to support this vile piece of shit ass negro, are.  And then I thought better because I had been there and done that. Also, I have grown weary of hearing you […]

Blac Chyna And Why Respectability Politics Is Only Enforceable On Black Women

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna, a former stripper now turned business woman and model, is the latest target of respectability politics at the hands of her ex-fiance and daughter’s father- Rob Kardashian and the general public. I’m sure that some folks are scratching their heads as to why I mentioned that Blac Chyna is a former stripper. That […]

What Every Cheater Could Learn From Jay-Z


Jay-Z has been relatively quiet with reference to his “alleged” extramarital affairs. Until now. According to various websites including, Jigga speaks, through his music, about his fear of almost losing his family, his arrogance regarding his disceptive behavior and what Beyonce means to him. He is being accountable for being a fucked up husband […]

Five Reasons Why I Couldn’t Care Less About Tupac’s “All Eyez On Me” Biopic


Tupac Amaru Shakur is to rap what Elvis Presley is to rock n’ roll. Larger than life. A legend.  A G.O.A.T. to some. Gen X-ers and older millennials relive their youth whenever his tracks are played posthumously. I’m positive that we all have a memory or two associated with Tupac and his neverending discography. I […]

Delving Into The Mind Of A Narcissist And Why You’ll Never Be A Priority


Priority. It’s a rather underutilized word in the English language. In a world full of people who, only, seem to care about “me” and “my feelings”– we need to begin to critically think about the space we give narcissists in our lives. I, wholeheartedly, believe many people want to do the right thing. That most […]

The Impropriety Of Black Manhood: Men With Mommy Issues

baby hands manhood

Black manhood is often discussed but never quite broken down into terms in which everyone can relate. It, also,  seems accountability and responsibility have become obsolete in many relationships as well as far as men are concerned. While the world has, thoroughly,  examined women and their “Daddy” issues, no thought or attention has been given […]

Five Reasons Why A “Coming To America” Sequel Just Ain’t A Good Look

Coming To America

The Hollywood rumor mill has confirmed that a sequel for “Coming To America” is, currently, in the works. The thought of it makes my good eye twitch.     The original, released in 1988, is COMEDIC GOLD.  Although another VSB contributor, who shall remain unnamed and shaded, believes the contrary. The original screenwriters have the daunting […]

Centering White Feelings Over Black Victimization…Not Today, Satan!

white centering

A few days ago, I wrote a blog post outing an opportunistic, avaricious and abusive “activist” in our community. I STAND BEHIND EVERY WORD I PENNED. However, I learned three things. Even among the blackity blackest spaces, white centering runs rampant. Also the “tragic mulata”  trope is an integral part of the fabric in our history […]

The Life And Times Of The Tragic Mulata

tragic mulata

Navigating the proximity to blackness must be a profound challenge for the tragic mulata. In the past, I’ve felt empathy for her. I know many sisters who’ve tried to elucidate clear boundaries in order to embrace their negritude. There’s always that one who decides that black ain’t REALLY where it’s at UNTIL it’s advantageous to be […]

Marriage And Infidelity Are Not My Portion But It’s Cool If It’s Yours

infidelity marriage

My marriage was important to me. Operative word “was”. Many of you already know that I decided to, publicly, share the culmination of factors which ended our union. I’ve, openly,  expressed my feelings via my personal Facebook and have had open discussions.  I have been asked if my marriage could have been saved. That answer […]