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  • Finding Intersectionality When You Are Self-Centered And Fresh Out Of Fux


    “Intersectionality”- a term coined by Kimberlé Crenshaw, a black legal scholar, in 1989 seems to be heading up the black feminist movement these days. I can’t say that I am a feminist so much as a me-ist (if that’s a word). In my 42 years of living on this planet, I’ve learned that black women are only as […]

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  • Five Random Thoughts About New Niggas


    As a millennial-passing Gen X-er with a teenaged daughter, I’ve seen my fair share of new niggas and I have random thoughts. Lots of them. It’s not because I am trying to be the cool mami who knows about all the latest and greatest new nigga shenanigans. It’s a legit fascination of the aesthetic shift of what’s […]

  • Fuckboy Chronicles
  • Fuckboy Chronicles: I, Officially, Can’t With Kanye Anymore


    Kanye has officially lost his shit and as the unofficial spokesperson for the black delegation, I can’t any longer.  Yeezy has been on one for a minute and I’ve dismissed his ego-fueled rants as creative genius because he makes good music. Well, he used to. He’s also from Chicago which is like a sister city to Detroit. It’s […]

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  • Five Random Post-Election Thoughts


    Donald Trump is the next president of the United States. I should probably put some “respeck on his name” but my inner negro will not allow that. It’s cool. I’ve held on to these thoughts save my private Facebook page but I’ve finally decided to share these random ass post-election ramblings. 5. Martha Stewart and […]

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  • Yes! We Can Be Black, “Woke” And Not Agree And You Can Also Catch These Hands If You Try Me


    If you haven’t noticed by now, “woke” is a semi new buzzword that black intellectuals are using. I think it replaced “conscious”. I know it’s shorter to type and to a writer- namely me, that’s all that matters. “Woke” isn’t a word which I utilize in my daily vernacular but then again millennials are using […]

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  • Why Is Saying “Pussy” Still Taboo But Rape Isn’t?

    Pussy- taboo

    Is using the word “pussy” still taboo? I’m talking about using it in its proper, trashy context. Of course. Definitely not the violating, rapey way “The Donald” used it. Pussy, in all of its vanglorious salaciousness, has never been a word of class. It’s offensive to many. I think it’s more repugnant to women than […]

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  • Why White Women, Intersectionality And Black Feminism Don’t Mix


    Betty Shelby, a white Tulsa police officer who was responding to a stalled car call on her way to a domestic dispute call, shot and killed Terence Crutcher- an unarmed black man. Her prior history doesn’t show her as an upstanding pillar of the community. In fact, she was/is a weed-smoking, angry, verbally and mentally abusive privileged white […]

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  • The Best And The Worst Weekend Of My Life At The Same Damn Time


    The weekend of September of 23rd has forever changed me. I published my very first article on Very Smart Brothas and it was well-received. Who knew that the topic would  directly affect me in less than 48 hours? After writing for other people and stifling my writing voice, I started my own blog site in early 2015 […]

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  • Why We Need A Modern Day Bwa Kayiman

    Bwa Kayiman

    Violence, indifference and murder against black people seems to be an inevitable and inescapable cycle. We’ve been lied to, disregarded and mocked. We know it’s not stopping on their end. So what do we do? Pleading isn’t moving the hearts of our alabaster counterparts and prayer has never worked. No shade but Jesus must not have […]

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  • Open Letter To Myself About “Non-Racist” Whites. OH And #BoycottBookies


    I, typically, contain myself to black spaces. I feel safe there. I may not always agree with my skinfolk but I love and trust them. However, I don’t trust whites. Not progressive whites. Not liberal whites. Not Gary Owens. Not Kim Kardashian. Not any of you. And I have white folks who I fuck with […]