• Amor
  • If I Could Bring My Daddy Back, I Would Never Be Too Busy Again

    Slipping My Daddy a kiss

    Today, I was in the car clearing out my voicemails and I came across one from my Daddy on 11/4/2016. It was 34 seconds long. I had never listened to it.   I’ve had meltdowns for most of the day with some bouts of laughter.Yemi had a meltdown in school. She emailed me to tell […]

  • Diaspora
  • The Importance Of Seeing Our Gods Mainstream And Why Beyonce Is Everything

    Beyonce Gods

    Our Gods have been our sources of life and strength and not in the “follow me or you will go to hell”  type rhetoric. Our Gods allow us to touch and connect with them directly via the rivers, oceans, the earth, fire and even wind. They also allow us to connect with ourselves. As a Lucumisa, […]

  • Race
  • Four Black People We Must Abandon On This Fine Martin Luther King Day 2017

    Martin Luther King

    On this very fine Martin Luther King Day 2017, there are some behaviors and actions that black people should abandon expeditiously. With the new regime (pardon me) ADMINISTRATION starting in four days, we should ensure all of our apertures are sealed so that no blackness escapes. In laymen’s terms- GUARD YOUR BLACKNESS AND STOP COONING, MY […]

  • Cultura
  • What Eddie Long’s Death Has Taught Me About Black Folks

    Eddie Long

    Eddie Long died today from an aggressive form of cancer. *side eye* But whatevs that’s not why I am writing this piece. My fingers were moved to hit these keys because of the outpouring of compassion and love for this man. A flawed man according to the saints. A man of God whom “shall not be judged” […]

  • Politics
  • President Obama Takes A Final Dump On Cubans On His Way Out The Door


    Cubans have been given special exemptions for asylum since November 2, 1966 by the United States government with the enactment of the Cuban Adjustment Act. Essentially, this law allowed any Cuban citizen to become a permanent resident after a year of being in the United States. Now, I would sound like a complete numbskull if I […]

  • Entertainment
  • The Homegoing of Ricky Harris: Niggas Gonna Nig

    Ricky Harris

    I had the pleasure of meeting Ricky Harris in 1995 at Western Michigan University where he was performing with the late Yvette Wilson at Bronco Stadium. He was cool as hell AND fine! At the end of the show, they let folks on stage to freestyle while the dj dropped various instrumentals. Of course, I had to […]

  • Amor
  • Negra’s Guide To Being A Better Husband


    Being a husband, surely, has its difficulties but it seems the focus is on making black women better wives. There’s a wife school by some foolish chick and then there’s advice from a woman who can’t stay married. All in all, some shit is being neglected and I wouldn’t be a good Samaritan if I […]

  • Race
  • Serena Williams Is Getting Married And Armenians Aren’t Black After All

    Serena Williams

    Serena Williams is getting married. Yaaaaaaaaaaas! And it’s not to Drake or Common. Double yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! She’s marrying Alexis Ohanian, the founder of Reddit. Cha-ching. Well, it’s not like she’s without proper coinage so we know it’s not for the money. That’s not what this is about though and I’m certain they are cute and mushy. Like […]

  • Fuckboy Chronicles
  • Fuckboy Chronicles: Umar Johnson- The Greatest Nigga Of All Niggas

    Umar Johnson

    Umar Johnson, the self-proclaimed doctor, Prince of the Pan-African movement and resident hotep fuckboy is mad. That nigga is BIG MAD and he took to these here innanetz to tell the good people about it. Now you know a nigga had to be fuming.  He made a video in a hotel room in Jacksonville, Florida  (because fuck […]

  • Entertainment
  • Retire These Singing Ass Aunties

    Retire Lauryn Hill

    So last week was chocked full of kikis with my real but hilariously funny list of “Singin’ Ass Negroes Who Should Stop.” I believe in equal opportunity shade so of course, I had to comprise a list of singin’ ass songstresses who should retire as well. By the way, these sisters invoke the aunty spirit. […]