• Estilo
  • Yung Joc Has A New Hairstyle And I’m Totally Here For It

    Yung Joc

    “Meet me at the salon…It’s going doooown”  That’s the 2016 remix that Yung Joc has blessed us with. Two days ago- the sometime rapper, newly minted reality star debuted a new haircut. I’m not attracted to him (he is a founding member of the Atlanta chapter of the “Creep Squad”) but he looked clean as […]

  • Cultura
  • Nate Parker: Birth Of An Unapologetic Rapist

    Nate Parker

    “Birth Of A Nation”‘s release should be a joyous occasion for us. In fact, we should be celebrating the fact that its producer, director, and co-writers are black. Nate Parker and Jean Celestin are telling Nat Turner’s story. His very important story. Unfortunately, I won’t see that story. I was already on the fence when […]

  • Fuckboy Chronicles
  • Fuckboy Chronicles: Wedding Of Her Dreams

    Fuckboy wedding

    Happy Friday, family! Love is in the air and folks are getting married. Who doesn’t love a fantastic wedding, right? There is an epidemic that’s spreading like the collection plate at church on first Sunday. *in my Whodini voice* “Fuckboy…. how many of us know one?” In my old age, my patience has gone the […]

  • Inspiration
  • Open Letter to Malia Obama: Get Lit

    Malia Obama

    Newsflash. Malia Obama smokes weed. *fast blink* That’s not the story though. We know that President Obama used to “puff, puff, pass”. We know that he knows that she knows that he knows that she smokes weed. The Secret Service follows her wherever she goes. Even to Lollapalooza. Duh. An 18-year old Harvard bound black […]

  • Amor
  • I’s Married Nah. My Banal Existence Before I Met My Husband


    Day before yesterday, I dropped a very heartfelt post about self-care. For the most part, sisters heard my sentiment loud and clear. One of my boos, Val,  shared the post on her Facebook page and a heated discussion ensued. I am married. It’s no secret. Apparently, a couple of women felt strongly about my post and […]

  • Amor
  • The High Road Is Overrated And Hell Is Hot

    high road

    Hell is hot. The earth is round and the high road is overrated. For years, black women have sucked up bullshit in the name of “having class” and being the better person. Who came up with this? I’ve watched women’s spirits dissipate from continuously enduring their significant other’s indiscretions. Many women believe that this is […]

  • Diaspora
  • You Can Give Us Barbecue And Ice Cream But We Still Ain’t Cool

    ice cream

    There seems to be a new faux initiative that’s taking place within various cities. Police departments are giving the coloreds barbecue and ice cream as a way to build “better relationships” with the community. Because why? It’s summertime, hot and niggas love pork and dairy products. Apparently. I guess that’s how we build trust against […]

  • Cultura
  • My Father’s Protection Gave Me A False Sense Of Security


    My daddy is a living, breathing Mufasa. He is the epitome of a fierce protector, warrior and provider. Even at 75-years old, my dad will give you this work in spirit (his body isn’t as strong as it used to be). We’ve always had his protection. ALWAYS. We were duped. I thought all black men […]

  • Race
  • Korryn Gaines Was Assassinated By The Police. Period.

    korryn gaines

    The Paddy Patrol strikes again.  This time a young, black 23- year old mother, Korryn Gaines, was executed by white thugs while holding her five-year old son. He was, later, shot as well. Thankfully, he will survive. His beautiful mother wasn’t so lucky. What could call for her murder you ask?  A bench warrant for traffic […]

  • Amor
  • 5 Ways To Keep Your Sanity When You Aren’t Fond Of Your Spouse’s Family

    Family- SIde eye

    Family. We all have one. Everybody’s family has some varying degree of dysfunction. However, some families are worse than others. Like so fucked up that you should really be ashamed that it’s your family but because you love them or you don’t know any better- you aren’t. We, all, know at least one family who […]